Żejtun’s Beland Band Club unveils record-breaking solar-powered artwork

Volunteers from the Peland Band Club in Shegton set a national record after unveiling a solar-powered mechanical technician device.

The motorizeda band club green waving art wheel built from bits of recycled parts and materials selected apart from discarded artworks used in the past.

After being revealed at the Saint Catherine’s Day rally, the club has now set local standards celebrations With increasing awareness about its impact on the environment.

“We strongly believe in the need to be aware of the environmental impact associated with everything the club does,” the club wrote in a statement.

“While the holidays are an important part of Malta’s cultural heritage, it is essential for organizers to make a greater effort to reduce their impact on the environment.”

Instead of using an internal combustion engine, the machine was powered by a solar-powered battery. Significantly, the battery and solar panel have also been reoriented.

The artwork itself represents the various musical tours that Beland has taken abroad over the past 30 years, most recently in 2019, where the band performed at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome, garnering an audience from the Pope himself in Vatican City.

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