‘You’re done with my life, you’ll pay for this’ – A deserted mother launched a hate campaign after her boyfriend moved in with her beauty queen neighbor

An abandoned mother embarks on a hateful hate campaign after finding out that her partner was expecting a child with her next-door neighbor. Claire Boardman, 44, sent despicable texts to 29-year-old former Miss Manchester Chloe Douglas Riley when her boyfriend Stuart Jones, 33, moved in with her.

In a series of letters, Boardman called the bar manager Mrs. Douglas Riley a “bitch”, a “slag” and a “c*nt”—adding, “I’m going to visit you. I’m going to kick the s*t out of you.”

The court heard that she added, “You are crazy and thick. You are being watched now. If I start dealing with you I will not finish. You have freed my life, you will pay for this. You are crazy.” She was eventually arrested after she said Douglas Riley, who She reached the finals of the Miss Manchester pageant in 2015, to police that Boardman threatened her with an ax in her back garden, alleging that she said, “I’m going to kill you with this.”

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In Stockport Magistrates’ Court, Boardman pleaded guilty to harassment, but was acquitted of making threats to a blank article and possession of a white paper in a public place. The court heard that Ms. Douglas Riley, who also runs a dog walking and cleaning business, has since left.

The court heard that Boardman and Mrs. Douglas Riley were initially on friendly terms on Queen Street in the village of Bullington, Cheshire, after Mrs. Douglas Riley moved there in October 2020. Mr. Jones moved in with Boardman the following December.

The court heard that he met Mrs. Douglas Riley while they were out by chance in their adjacent gardens.

When news of the relationship and subsequent pregnancy broke, Boardman was said to have shouted comments on the adjacent backyard wall, “Just wait, they’re coming for you. You’re dead. You just wait and see, you asked.”

Claire Boardman

In another alleged incident on May 31, Boardman is said to have knocked on Mrs. Douglas Riley’s front door and then tried to force her way in, saying, “Let me in or I’ll kill you.”

Later, at 8 p.m. on June 7, Boardman was seen from a bedroom window cutting bushes in a parking lot in the back of their homes, swinging an ax while swearing and screaming, the court heard. Mrs. Douglas-Reilly claimed that when she went into her garden 30 minutes later to smoke an e-cigarette, she stared at Boardman, who was still in the back chopping bushes with an ax, and threatened her, prompting her to call 999.

In her testimony, Mrs. Douglas-Reilly said: “I was terrified. I was not fully aware of her abilities. I did not know her well and was very anxious. Parking and getting into and leaving the building became a major concern for me. It had a negative impact on my mental health which suffered With her and I was pregnant at the time.

“It was very difficult. I was afraid to leave the house. I didn’t know what she could do. Having had a conversation with Stewart himself, and with several of his friends, I think their relationship was not one of coexistence so to speak. But she didn’t like the fact that he came And he started seeing me.”

She claimed to have seen Boardman “sway and shake” as she removed twigs from a bush, screaming and sweating as she had been stung by nettles. Then she said Boardman saw her and “shined” before saying, “I’m going to smash your head. You, you b****.”

Stockport Magistrate’s Court

She told the session, “I was afraid for my life. It’s been going on for months.” In the guide, Boardman said she met Mr. Jones just before Christmas in 2020 through mutual friends and was looking for a place to stay.

She said, “I said he could stay in my spare room for a bit and we ended up together. But around March he told me he was leaving and then moved next door. I found out via a friend of his who said he wanted to end the relationship, I was upset about that but it was his decision.” I was hurt and a little upset because he was in my face every day.

Boardman said that when the homeowner found out that Mr. Jones was living with her, she was issued an eviction notice and as a result she was asking him to contribute to keeping it.

She added, “I felt exploited, hurt and angry that I would lose my home for so many years where I raised my son. I admit I wasn’t very nice to send these messages, calling them malicious and other names, but I was angry, maybe I didn’t get their words right. I wasn’t kinder but I was feeling Desperate. I was simply saying, “Cough,” but I didn’t deal with it.

I was fighting to keep my house and I was shocked when the police came. ”

Boardman was paroled for two years and ordered to pay 129 additional costs and fees to the victim. Chief Justice Martin Drake said: “You have accepted and expressed remorse for any wrongdoing. You acknowledge in public that what you did was not very pleasant and you were sorry for it. Prior to this conviction of molestation, you were a lady of former good character. We have taken that into consideration.”

An application for a restraining order against Boardman was denied.

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