WWE SmackDown scores, scores: Shotzi, Sami Zayn at Money In The Bank

WWE Superstars Shotzi and Sami Zayn qualify for Money In The Bank in a SmackDown

Shotzi and Sami Zayn are going to Money In The Bank (Image: WWE)

WWE SmackDown saw the likes of Shotzi, Sami Zayn, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus all book their tickets for Money In The Bank.

On Friday night, a number of qualifying matches left the men’s and women’s pitches more visible, even if McIntyre and Sheamus had to re-qualify after Adam Pearce’s decision to add them to the ladder match.

The first qualifying round of the night saw Sami Zayn battle Shinsuke Nakamura in an evening filled with fun clips on how the Fakhri traveled with the bag, as he insisted he’d protect Roman Reigns instead of cashing in.

He beat Nakamura to secure his spot at Money In The Bank as the two opponents – who had one of the greatest matches of all time in 2016 – kept the crowds in a very entertaining confrontation.

Later on, Schutze faced Tamina – who was replacing injured Alia – in a women’s ladder match qualifier, and while the move was a bit tricky at times, it was a tough enough match most notably Schutze’s victory.

Finally, the main event – which took place after an in-ring promotional clip at the top of the show when Pierce revealed that Drew and Sheamus should qualify once again – saw the two rival teams go head-to-head against The Usos with their Money In The Bank. Line.

It’s no surprise that the All-Stars put in a great game even as partners they disagreed with borrowed, and the Scottish and Celtic Warriors fought their way to victory.

With the ladder match already announced last week, that obviously doesn’t change things but it was a great main event, and it adds a potential wrinkle to The Bloodline given Jimmy and Jey losing here.

Viking Raiders Attack New Day, Pat McAfee challenges Happy Corbin and Natalia roasts Ronda Rousey

Away from the Money In The Bank ladder matches, The New Day faced off with Jinder Mahal and Shanky again this week – albeit this time in a jig.

King Xavier Woods has taken a swipe at WWE’s love of rematches, but Pat McAfee’s provocation to comment wasn’t far from reality as he appeared to suggest a return to the tag team match last week.

Fortunately, the clip was used to feature the returning Viking Raiders, who came out to attack Woods and Kofi Kingston to boos from fans in a move that gives the tag division a much-needed change.

WWE Superstars The Viking Raiders - Erik and Ivar - return and attack The New Day duo Kofi Kingston and King Xavier Woods in a slam duo.

The Vikings raiders are back and setting up the new day (Image: WWE)

Sonya Deville was running her mouth backstage and ended up in a handicap match against Lacey Evans and Raquel Rodriguez, falling on the two kids’ faces after getting into a fight.

Xia Li and Shayna Baszler joined her after the bell during their attack, but Lacey and Raquel sent them running in a strange clip that almost created sympathy for Sonya before a post-match brawl.

However, her unified trio, Lee and the Queen of Spades, can work wonders for the Women’s Division, with a sinister dominant faction uniting together to dominate. Let’s see if this is the direction WWE will go.

WWE star Natalya dressed as Ronda Rousey in a violent confrontation

Natalya appeared dressed as Ronda Rousey (Image: WWE)

Natalya stepped into the ring dressed as Ronda Rousey to mock the SmackDown Women’s Champion just over a week before the Money In The Bank match.

The Baddest Woman On The Planet interrupted her, completely tearing her up on the microphone, saying she almost didn’t recognize her competitor without her boobs hanging out, while questioning her main event’s pedigree and sparking a scuffle.

In the end, she hits Natalia Rossi with a wagon—which she had directed as part of her sitcom impersonating a single mother—in a feud that suddenly becomes very personal.

WWE Superstar Gunther retains the Intercontinental Championship with Ricochet on SmackDown

Gunter defeated Ricochet to continue his dominance (Image: WWE)

Gunther put his Continental Championship on the line against Ricochet two weeks after winning the gold medal, but this time One And Only didn’t get into much of a fight.

This was designed as more of a showcase for the Ring General as he appeared to be completely dominant over the former champ before Powerbomb finished off the beating in a convincing fashion.

Pat McAfee set a challenge to take on Happy Corbin at SummerSlam with a typical cool promo – and these two should really bring him to such a big stage.

Finally, Max Dupri’s Maximum Male Models did not appear again as planned because dressing room requirements were not met, but the former L.A. Knight promised them to appear next week.

WWE SmackDown airs Friday night at 1 a.m. on BT Sport 1.

WWE SmackDown scores and scores

  • Qualified funds in the bankSami Zayn beat Shinsuke Nakamura (b +)
  • Raquel Rodriguez and Lacey Evans defeated Sonya Deville (c)
  • transcontinental address: Gunther (c) Ricochet fasteners (B-)
  • Qualified funds in the bank: Schutze beat Taminac)
  • Drew and Sheamus qualify for Money In The Bank: Drew McIntyre and Sheamus defeated The Usos (a-)

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