Why supermodel Kate Moss really went on the double-decker jubilee bus — it’s all part of a top-secret royal plan

KATE MOSS services for celebration are indisputable.

But “Croydon’s clothing horse” is now filled with more official recognition – OBE – for modeling.

Kate Moss at the Met Gala in New York last month


Kate Moss at the Met Gala in New York last monthcredit: Getty
The new face of Kate at Paris Fashion Week in 1997


The new face of Kate at Paris Fashion Week in 1997Credit: Getty – Contributor
The Queen salutes, from left, Kate, JK Rowling, Heather Mills, and Charlotte Church


The Queen salutes, from left, Kate, JK Rowling, Heather Mills, and Charlotte Church
Kate, Charlotte Tilbury and Naomi Campbell ride a bus along the mall during the Platinum Competition


Kate, Charlotte Tilbury and Naomi Campbell ride a bus along the mall during the Platinum Competitioncredit: Getty

The model was quietly telling her friends that she would “absolutely love” to receive a nod from the Queen for the next round of homage.

To prepare for a possible nomination, The Sun could reveal that Kate, 48, has been busy ramping up her charitable efforts – regularly serving meals to seniors in the Cotswolds, where she now lives.

Somewhat improbably, the model was seen dropping home-cooked Vietnamese dishes, courtesy of her brother Nick, who runs a food delivery truck.

It is said that locals in her village support Kate’s OBE credentials, and officially nominate their cheerful neighbor via the government’s official website.

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Mossi’s homage may raise some eyebrows in smug circles as she was photographed allegedly sniffing cocaine streaks in 2005.

But it might explain her standout at the Platinum Jubilee Parade, where she was invited to travel with other famous faces from the ’90s in a bus with her portrait plastered on her side.

A resident of the village of Little Faringdon, Oxfordshire, where the model now lives, said: ‘Kate is very popular in these parts and has quite integrated into the community.

“She has no vibe and grace and talks to everyone. She’s also started to give back, serving food and meals for the elderly who can’t go out.

“It’s the most amazing meal service on wheels we’ve ever had.

“There has been a lot of talk in the village about how Kate deserves an OBE. She is a huge fan of the Queen and has made herself a major figure in support of Jubilee.

“Owning an OBE means a lot to her.

“It’s something you blush when it’s mentioned, but everyone knows how much it means to her. We all love her in the village.”

“She has never come across as arrogant or qualified and she deserves a bell.”

Kate, who has appeared on the front cover of Vogue more than any other British model, was seen wearing a classic Galliano Union Jack jacket during celebrations for the Queen’s 70th anniversary.

The clean living Kate was once a champagne-fed socialite and 36-hour wine crate provider.

A yoga lover, I’ve swapped out champagne for Chaturanga.

Unfortunately, she was not able to quit cigarettes.

Today, she is more likely to be seen walking the lovable Chihuahua cross, and Archie, a Staffordshire terrier cross, in the countryside rather than fall from the Soho House Members Club in London.

Likewise, on the outside she’s high heels, in she’s a good hunter.

At her local boutique, The Plow Inn, French owner Vincent told The Sun: “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she was helping those in need under the radar.

“When you come here it’s always very special. You come often, about ten times a year.

“There’s no pub in the village she lives in, so this is really her area. It’s very nice, I don’t think many people know that. We see it often.”

“My daughter said she bumped into this lady who hugged her and asked her what she was going to do, and it was Kate Moss. She never acted like a celebrity.”

Of course, Ms. Moss – who sold her £10m mansion in north London last year to move into the country full time – hasn’t always been so helpful.

Outside are high heels, in are Wellies

At age 31, she was captured looking like she was craving cocaine while spending a night out with her then-boyfriend, singer Pete Doherty.

The resulting uproar has brought it down from brand after brand, including a £4m deal with H&M.

She was later forced to issue a humiliating apology in which she said, “I take full responsibility for my actions.

“I also accept that there are many personal issues that I need to address and have begun to take the difficult, but necessary, steps to resolve them.

“I want to apologize to all the people I have let down for my behaviour, which reflected badly on my family, friends, co-workers, business partners and others.

“I try to be positive and the support and love I’ve received is invaluable.”

Kate, who was in rehab at The Priory due to “exhaustion,” continued dating the troubled Babyshambls player for another two years until 2007.

The pair regularly hit the front pages with their quirky style, and Pete, an acknowledged heroin addict, wasn’t ideal for catwalk queen.

After their relationship ended in a car crash, Kate—who has a daughter, Lila, 19, with Dazed media company founder Jefferson Hack—began dating another rocker, The Kills frontman Jamie Hince.

The couple married in 2011 but separated after four years before divorcing in 2016.

For the past seven years, she’s been meeting community photographer – even gorgeous – Count Nikolai von Bismarck, who is 13 years her junior.

The couple appeared to be blissfully happy, and in January, Kate said: “Falling in love makes me feel beautiful.

“My favorite moment is when the whole family sits down together for lunch on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the country.”

If Kate gets the honor, it won’t be the first time she’s met the Queen.

The model, who still earns £9 million a year, attended a reception to honor her Woman of the Year at Buckingham Palace in 2004.

Along with superstars including writer J.K. Rowling and singer Charlotte Church, she shook hands with her star — both women dressed in royal blue.

“If you’re beautiful on the inside, it shows on the outside”

After celebrating the jubilee aboard the double-decker bus alongside fellow model Naomi Campbell, actress Patsy Kenset and celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, Kate was spotted hanging out with Paddington Bear.

The same Paddington, of course, with whom the Queen had earlier performed a show skit.

And while it’s not known if Kate also keeps a marmalade sandwich in her raspberry handbag, the similarities with our head of state don’t end here.

Just like the Queen, Moses has a motto, “Never Complain, Never Explain.”

Growing up in the 19th century from former Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, the royal family — to the exclusion of Meghan and Harry, obviously — has embraced it, and has remained silent no matter what’s going on around them.

Likewise, Kate rarely gives interviews and mostly refuses to engage with the media attention surrounding her.

Although the Queen’s gesture may seem far-fetched, the original ’60s supermodel Twiggy became a fashion service lady in 2018, and six years earlier, Vogue editor Edward Enninful—one of Musi’s good friends—was given an OBE.

One of her best friends, fashion designer Stella McCartney, earned an OBE after she modeled for GB’s Olympic squad in 2012 and just earned a CBE on the Queen’s Birthday Honors list in celebration of her platinum jubilee.

To her credit, Kate has definitely earned her keep.

She was spotted outside New York’s JFK airport, aged 14, by Storm agency chief Sarah Ducas, and by 18 she had become the face of Calvin Klein, along with Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg, who is now 51.

Despite being a relatively short 5 feet 7 inches tall for her career, Kate has gone on to become one of the most successful supermodels of all time, alongside Naomi, Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen.

She launched her own British talent agency six years ago.

But Kate has always wanted to be more than just a pretty face, as she once said, “It sounds really tacky, but I think if you’re beautiful on the inside, it definitely shows on the outside.

“You can be a pretty face, but if you’re not a nice person, it doesn’t work.

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“I’m not a traditional beauty, but people seem to think I’m fine. If I’m a nice person, it definitely helps.”

The Kate Moss OBE probably wasn’t too far off, after all. . .

Party girl Kate in London in 2010


Party girl Kate in London in 2010Credit: Corbis Entertainment – Getty
Kate with former and troubled rocker Pete Doherty in 2006


Kate with former and troubled rocker Pete Doherty in 2006credit: WENN
Kate marries Jimmy Haines


Kate marries Jimmy HainesCredit: Movie Magic – Getty
Kate with her boyfriend Nikolai


Kate with her boyfriend NikolaiCredit: Getty – Contributor
Kate walks her beloved dogs


Kate walks her beloved dogscredit: jove
National Treasure Kate wears a Union Jack jacket in 2001


National Treasure Kate wears a Union Jack jacket in 2001Credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
The 90s bus during the Platinum Jubilee competition in June


The 90s bus during the Platinum Jubilee competition in JuneCredit: Mike Rayson / dmg media license
Cover girl Kate has done more for Vogue than any other British model


Cover girl Kate has done more for Vogue than any other British model

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