Who is Darren Bailey? Meet the presumptive Republican candidate for governor of Illinois – NBC Chicago

After a heated six-way race for the Republican nomination for governor of Illinois, state Senator Darren Bailey emerged victorious, according to NBC News.

Bailey, one of Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s fiercest critics, will now face the incumbent in November’s general election, hoping to hand Illinois its third Republican governor in the past 24 years.

Here is a brief summary of Bailey’s life and career, and what his platform looks like in this year’s election.

Brief biography

Bailey, 56, was born in Louisville, Illinois. He graduated with an undergraduate degree from Lakeland College, and runs a farm in Illinois.

He and his wife Cindy have four children, according to his campaign biography.

Bailey served at Illinois House for one term before running for the state Senate at 55The tenth Defeating Democrat Cynthia Geffen in 2020.

During that election cycle, Bailey put himself on the state’s political radar, suing the Pritzker administration over a stay-at-home order during the COVID pandemic. He eventually won a temporary restraining order from a Clay County judge, but later overturned the TRO on appeal.

Bailey also found himself in hot water after refusing to wear a mask on the floor of his Illinois home, as lawmakers voted to remove him from the room.

In February 2021 he announced that he would run for governor, eventually choosing Stephanie Trussell as his running mate.

Key Endorsements

Bailey did not have the endorsement of many of the founding Republicans, with Aurora Mayor Richard Irvine amassing much of that support, but he did have endorsements from the Illinois Right to Life Association and the Illinois Fraternity Aimed to Education (ABATE).

The big endorsement for Bailey came late in the election cycle, as former President Donald Trump endorsed him during a rally for Representative Mary Miller in late June.

“Darren is just the guy who will take on and defeat one of America’s worst rulers,” Trump said during the rally, offering Bailey his “full and comprehensive” support.

Define policy positions


Bailey called the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade “historic and welcome,” and said he would vote against comprehensive reform and expansion of abortion access in Illinois.

gun rights

Bailey says he opposes most gun control legislation, and “believes education is critical” for those who oppose gun rights.

tax collection

Bailey says he will seek to reduce spending and lower property and income taxes in Illinois.

For more political positions, visit the Bailey campaign website.

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