Which crown will Queen Consort Camilla wear and who did it belong to before?

ONEaccording to the information released by Buckingham Palacethe coronation ofKing Charles Will be on 6 May 2023.

That coronation will take place in Westminster Abbey. Several reports illustrate that Charles wanted a shorter and less expensive ceremony.

During the religious ceremony, Queen Consort Camilla will also wear a crown. People are asking what crown the new Queen of Great Britain will wear.

Queen Consort Camila enters Buckingham Palace as Queen for the first time

Which crown will Queen Consort Camilla wear?

According to royal historian Marlene Koenigis there a “most logical choice” for crown the Queen Consort Camilla will wear during her coronation.

“They could pick one that was already available, especially at the end Queen Mother’s one because Charles was close to his grandmother,” Marlene Koenig told Hello Magazine.

“But more importantly, in the current economic climate, it may not look good to spend money on a new crown, even if it would provide jobs for a small number of people,” Koenig continued.

“The optics may not be appreciated with the current economic situation in the UK.”

What is the Queen Mother’s crown?

Marlene described that a “silver framelined with gold, and set with 2,200 diamondsmainly brilliant cuts, with some rose cuts, compose the crown.”

That Queen Mother’s crown is a platinum bezel crown set with 2,800 diamonds with a band of alternating clusters formed as crosses and rectangles, surrounded by single rows of brilliant-cut diamonds and a front large diamond.

According to the Royal Collection Trust in 1856 Sultan of Turkey gave the crown to Queen Victoria.

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