Two dead and several injured as a result of “several bullets fired” in a nightclub in Oslo | world | News

The Oslo Police District reported that several shots were fired at a nightclub. Police confirmed that at least two people were killed and several others were seriously injured.

A suspect is in custody, but the circumstances of the shooting are unclear.

Police spokesman Tori Barstad told Aftenposten newspaper that the crime scene stretched from a London pub through a nearby club and onward to a nearby street where the suspect was arrested just minutes after the shooting began.

The London Pub is a popular gay bar and nightclub in the center of Oslo.

Oslo police said on Twitter: “Two people have been confirmed dead in the shooting incident.

“There are several seriously injured people. The police identified the significant event as the PLO incident.”

The motive behind the attack was not yet clear.

“I saw a man arrive with a suitcase, he picked up a gun and started shooting,” said journalist Olaf Roenberg of NRK public station.

Oslo is due to hold its annual Pride Parade later on Saturday.

Pictures published by VG newspaper, broadcaster NRK and others show a large group of emergency responders outside a London pub, including police and ambulance workers.

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Then 69 people, mostly teenagers, were killed in a shooting at a political summer camp.

The terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, was sentenced to 21 years in prison for the attacks, the maximum under Norwegian law.

A Norwegian court rejected his conditional release in February, saying he “appeared to be devoid of sympathy and sympathy for victims of terrorism”.

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