Train Strike: Second National Strike Expected to Lead to Mass Disruption

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Photo Caption: RMT Secretary General Mick Lynch

The strike was called by National Union of Railway, Marine and Transport Workerswhose members include everyone from guards and references to catering staff and cleaners.

The union says workers – many of whom have continued to work throughout the pandemic – have suffered wage cuts in real terms and are now facing a cost-of-living crisis.

The government was accused of preventing railway companies from freely negotiating wages.

The union is also dealing with Network Rail’s plans to cut 2,500 maintenance jobs, as it tries to save £2 billion over the next two years.

railway network It says it will offer a pay increase of more than 3%, but only if the union agrees to modernize labor practices.

Its chief negotiator, Tim Schoeeffler, says about 1,800 jobs were expected to be cut, but that “the vast majority” would be through “voluntary layoffs and natural wastage.”

It insists it will not consider any changes that would make the railways less safe and that an upgrade is required.

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the government He says it is up to the railway companies to negotiate.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned passengers must be prepared to “stay the course”, and insisted rail sector reforms were in the interest of the traveling public.

Downing Street says £16 billion of taxpayer money has been used to support rail during the Covid pandemic, but with passenger numbers still falling by a fifth, and many companies adopting hybrid work, modernization is needed to avoid higher ticket prices and operator bankruptcy.

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