Tommy Pham, Cincinnati Reds top San Francisco Giants

SAN FRANCISCO – Tommy Pham was booed during pre-game introductions, taunted every time he came to the plate, and teased whenever he stood in left field.

Yes, Fam’s first game at Oracle Park this season was a chance for Giants fans to give the Cincinnati Reds an early award after slapping Jock Pederson last month at the Great American Ballpark.

But regardless of Fam’s sideshow, the Giants have this house chance of piling up some victories against a sub-.500 team, starting with three games against the basement Reds.

It didn’t start well, as the Giants made two fifth-inning errors behind primary bowler Alex Cobb and managed six strikes in what became a 4-2 loss before announcing a crowd of 29,178 in the China Basin.

Evan Longoria’s solo home run in the fourth inning, his sixth of the season, and his first since May 30. In the eighth round, Mike Jastrzemsky snatched home Wilmer Flores to cut the Reds’ lead to 4-2.

Otherwise, the Giants (38-32) went 1-for-4 with the runners in the scoring center and leaving five runners at the base. The Reds’ player, Graham Ashcraft, allowed six hits and lost eight over eight rounds to advance to 4-1 this season.

For the record, Fam went 0 for 4 with the strike.

Cobb said of Pham’s at-bats, “Situations I’ve come across, I don’t think of anything other than trying to carry out the narratives.” “I think you can get caught up in that and get a little extra adrenaline if you’re trying to do a lot of things and kind of do some bad pitches because of it.”

Cobb allowed five hits and got two strikes in 4 1/3 runs in his second round after being knocked out of the injured list last week.

“I felt like I had good things early on. I’m still trying to get back into the shape I was in before I went to IL,” Cope said. “There were some strong balls with two runners in the scoring position and I would like to come back.

“I know I had a shorter field count, but I’d like to (finish) the fifth, especially what our team has been through during this last series in Atlanta.”

Cup was removed by manager Gabe Kapler during the raw fifth inning, for him and his defense.

Kurt Casale was called in to tackle the catcher in an attack by Nick Senzel to lead fifth. This was the sixth time this season that Senzel received a call about a hunter’s interference.

After Jonathan India marched, the Reds executed a double steal to put the two contestants in the scoring position. Then, on Donovan Solano’s pitch, Brandon Crawford’s shot was wide, allowing Snell to score to take the Reds 3-1 lead.

“Crowe has been grinding on some physical stuff all season, and tonight was no exception,” Giants coach Gabe Kapler said of Crawford, who bruised his knee after hitting the board of his Atlanta home.

“Obviously he was good enough to go out there and start for us and it was nice to have him play on the line (in the ninth inning). That’s kind of the reason why he’s grinding through these things.”

Cincinnati had another run in the sixth inning from loyalist Jake McGee, with Senzel scoring a goal for Mike Mustakas, who led the half by double.

The loss was the Giants’ fifth in their last six games after they finished a seven-game wild ride through Pittsburgh and Atlanta with a 3–4 record, leaving them 1½ games behind the Braves to finish second in the National League.

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