Therese Coffey suggests that you return a cash back to your pension increase if you don’t need it

BTherese Covey suggested that Rayton should return the cash from next year’s pension increase if they don’t think they need it.

The Treasury confirmed on Tuesday that the “triple lock” of pensions, which was paused during the pandemic, will be brought back in, bringing annual pensioners payouts above £10,000 for the first time as state pensions and benefits rise in line with inflation.

Lord Clark, a former adviser to BBC World at One, said the government must “protect the poor”. [and] Stop giving me money to pay my energy bills.”

But Ms Coffey, Minister for Work and Pensions, said in comments submitted to the same programme: “Of course there will be some people like Lord Clark who have large sums of money, and I recognize that.

“But nonetheless, in order to effectively deliver this payment, it is a comprehensive one, and frankly I would ask Ken Clark to send a check back to HMRC if he feels that strongly against him. This is about helping people with the really difficult situation right now.”

Asked if others should return the money – either by canceling their winter fuel payments or via a bank transfer to the treasury – she added: “I always encourage people who seem to think they don’t need government-provided money to (return it). “.

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