The inaugural ‘Celebration Day’ marked the honoring of lost friends and family

This weekend, people across the UK will unite in mass remembrance, honoring people who are no longer with us on the county’s inaugural day of celebration.

This day, which takes place on Sunday 26th June, will provide a moment for all of us to pause in our busy lives and celebrate the ones we have lost.

This could mean visiting their favorite place, playing a certain song, searching for an old photo album, going on their favorite walk, or cooking a meal that reminds you of that person.

“In a non-stop modern world, we can feel increasingly difficult to keep in touch as much as we would like the lives of those who are no longer with us – so on the day of celebration, each of us can decide which life we ​​will celebrate and how best we would like to do so,” the site explains. .

“Many places, cultures and religions have times and customs to remember as ways to honor loved ones or grandparents. The day of celebration can relate to all of them.”

And after the past two years of the pandemic – with more than 177,000 people in the UK missing linked to Covid – the idea couldn’t seem more relevant.

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