Texas Senator Ted Cruz attacks Sesame Street over video promoting Elmo for COVID vaccines for children under five

Republican Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) now has beef with Elmo—yes, that’s Elmo, the loud, soft-toy doll. On Tuesday, Sesame Street released a video showing 3-year-old Elmo and his father, Louie, contemplating Elmo’s latest vaccination. Lowe explains that he was hesitant, but after speaking with Elmo’s pediatrician, he decided that Elmo’s vaccination was the right decision. However, Cruz found the video to be neither cute nor honest, saying in a tweet that the little doll was “strongly advocating for the vaccination of children under five” and playing on Sesame Street for quoting “zero scientific evidence.” This isn’t the first time Cruz has quarreled with dolls — in November, he was furious that Big Bird had the nerve to share that he, too, had been vaccinated and called the ad “government propaganda” on Twitter.

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