Tensura Scarlet Bond movie arrives in cinemas around the world in early 2023

Crunchyroll announces that it has acquired global distribution and marketing rights (excluding Asia) for tensura Movie At that time, she embodied the role of slime in the movie: The Scarlet Bondand that it will hit theaters worldwide in early 2023. The film will premiere in Japan in November of this year, and will feature an original story and character from series creator Fuze. You can watch the newly released English sub-trailer:

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tensura It is an anime based on the light novel by Fuse. The 8bit adaptation contains 48 episodes divided into two TV seasons. Season 2 was voted as the sixth best anime of 2021 by our fans with over 100,000 votes. It also has a spin-off anime titled Slime Diaries: At that time he embodied me again as a nipple, which is an adaptation of one of the spin-off manga series. Yen Press publishes the original light novel in English, describing the story:
Thirty-seven-year-old lone Satoru Mikami is stuck in a dead-end job, unhappy with his worldly life, but after his death at the hands of a thief, he awakens for a new beginning in a fantasy world… as a mud beast! As he adjusts to his cute new existence, his exploits with other monsters set off a chain of events that will change his new world forever!

Besides global distribution, more details about tensura Movie At that time, she embodied the role of slime in the movie: The Scarlet Bond It is expected in the following months.

Source: press release, Crunchyroll
© Taiki Kawakami, Fuse, KODANSHA / The “Ten-Sura” Project

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