Teen Mom fans are shocked when Kayla Sessler hints that she ‘fell down’ with a close partner in a mysterious post during the premiere

TEEN Mom fans were in shock tonight as Kayla Sessler hinted that she had fallen out with a co-star.

She posted a cryptic tweet during the premiere of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant.


Taking to Twitter, 23-year-old Kayla used the hashtag #YoungAndPregnant and wrote, “I hope this fraternity continues all season.”

It came after the first episode saw Kayla get along well with her fellow actors including Brianna Gamarillo, 22, Rachel Beaver, 20, and Kiaya Elliott, 20.

Even the father of Kayla’s child, Luke Davis, 24, has blended in well with other women, and has a heartthrob with Kiaya’s girlfriend Taiza.

One concerned fan responded to Kayla’s mysterious tweet, asking, “Wait a minute? Say what now?”

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