Liz Truss fires Conor Burns over allegations of misconduct in new line of Conservative Party

But recent developments continue to increase pressure on the new prime minister, who has vowed to turn a page on Johnson’s premiership during her campaign for leadership after a series of Tory corruption episodes. Ms Truss has faced a tumultuous first month in office, with new polls suggesting she has received no rebound after a … Read more

A man with a knife dies after being shot by officers at Derby Police Station

A man allegedly wielding a knife was shot dead after he was seen in a secure parking lot at a police station in Derby. Derbyshire Police said the suspect, whom it described as a white man, was spotted by officers in the yard of Ascot Drive Police Station at 9.55am. Armed officers were immediately deployed … Read more

Wales Council votes to overturn Prince of Wales’ ‘Old Oppressive’ title

The title has long proven controversial because the last Welsh Prince of Wales, David ap Groved, was murdered in 1283 by order of Edward I of England, who made his 16-year-old son, Edward II, the first Englishman. The Prince of Wales in 1301 with his enthronement at Caernarvon Castle. The tradition of inauguration at Caernarvon … Read more

A 15-year-old boy was sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing a stone to death in the street

It emerged that a 15-year-old who killed a father outside his home had already been convicted of 22 crimes. The unnamed teen was “out of control” when Jamie Markham, 45, was stabbed to death when he was 14, after days spent screaming and swearing outside the victim’s home in Chingford. Caught at school with a … Read more

Foreign aid can be reduced to balance the books

Andrew Mitchell, the Conservative MP who led the rebellion when the 0.7 per cent spending level was abandoned during the Covid-19 pandemic, last night issued a warning shot. Mitchell told The Telegraph: “While it may be tempting to further restrict the international development budget, it certainly would not be in Britain’s national interests. “If the … Read more

Suella Braverman says “no” to more foreign florists and hairdressers

Suella Braverman rejected a suggestion from officials in Jacob Rees-Mogg’s division that more foreign workers come to the UK to work as florists, hairdressers and city planners. The Telegraph understands that all three sectors were included in the list of skills gaps submitted to the Home Secretary by figures in the Department for Business, Energy … Read more

Prince William ‘furious’ over ouster of Queen Elizabeth’s private secretary, Lord Gedett

Lord Gedet was the late Queen’s private secretary for 10 years. His tenure ended abruptly amid disagreements over how to manage the transition of power between the late king and her eldest son. When he was said to have been abandoned, the new Prince of Wales was said to have gone to see Earl Bell, … Read more

When will he be officially crowned and what will happen next?

More than 8,000 guests from 129 countries traveled to Westminster Abbey for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, but by contrast, the king’s coronation will be limited to 2,000 guests to accommodate health and safety restrictions. The Archbishop of Canterbury will hold the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, to confirm Charles’ acceptance to become … Read more

Friday Evening Briefing: The Latest in the Telegraph

Putin has found himself under increasing pressure in recent weeks after major military defeats in Ukraine and his mobilization of the Russians, sparking domestic unrest and prompting an estimated 700,000 citizens to flee the country. It emerged today that two Russians trying to avoid conscription have sailed 300 miles in a small boat to seek … Read more

A 15-year-old boy was sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing a stone to death in the street

The victim’s mother, Anita Markham, addressed the killer directly: “On August 9, 2021 I stabbed my son Jamie Markham three times. “You had nothing to say. Not even, ‘Sorry I didn’t mean for that to happen.’” “You can’t say it was an accident because you stabbed him three times. “[You] It broke me by killing … Read more