Granny apartments allowed to hit the tight rental market to help Queensland’s housing crisis

Queensland homeowners with large apartments will be allowed to rent out over the next three years under emergency planning changes designed to alleviate the state’s housing crisis. The move will allow secondary housing to be made available to people other than immediate family members and expand accommodation options for smaller families, such as students, singles, … Read more

Some tenants are going to extremes to escape the rent crunch amid calls for a long-term solution

When Lachey and Molly McClain first started talking about marriage, they knew they would have to make some tough decisions about where they wanted to live. the main points: Australia’s high rental market has some people looking for creative solutions to avoid falling through the cracks Rising prices and post-COVID migration mean the rental market … Read more

Bundaberg’s Hinkler Lions Park refuge for homeless as Australia lucky country no more for some

As the sun sets in a small park on the outskirts of Bundaberg, a young mother says goodbye to her two children and heads off to work as their father reads them a bedtime book in a tent. Nearby, an elderly man starts a generator to run a nebuliser that “keeps me alive” before the cool … Read more

The rent crunch has caused grandparents to move into a caravan on a private driveway to help their young daughter’s family

The pressure of national rent led grandparents Deb and Philip Parker to spend cold winter nights in a caravan parked in their driveway. the main points: There are rules about living in a caravan on your private property in Washington and the Parkers have attracted an anonymous complaint Depp Parker says the county has been … Read more