The cunning seal who floated into the pond surrenders at the police station

A gray seal who wandered into a Massachusetts pond and evaded attempts by authorities to arrest him, turned himself in Friday after he went to the local police station. Gray seals made their debut earlier this month at Shaw Pond in Beverly, northeast of Boston. The animal is believed to have traveled to the pond … Read more

Olivia Wilde reveals the truth in “Don’t Worry, Baby”

She’s not worried, my dear! Olivia Wilde has taken up the drama around her upcoming movie Don’t Worry Baby, including Shia LaBeouf’s turbulent departure from Spitgate and her apparent feud with Florence Pugh. Wilde, 38, who directed the film, appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Wednesday, ahead of the psychological thriller’s release … Read more

The world chess champion breaks the silence after his resignation

Magnus Carlsen broke his silence after the shocking moment he quit a much-anticipated chess match against American coach Hans Niemann after just one move. And on Monday, Norway’s Carlsen, 31, was playing a preliminary virtual match against Neimann, 19, who he unexpectedly – and somewhat controversially – beat earlier this month. This win sparked allegations … Read more

‘Drafting season’ is the hot new dating trend – what does that mean

After enjoying a “whore summer” with sex parties and threesomes, many singles make proactive plans to find a more serious partner to settle down with. “Crafting season” is this fall’s most popular dating trend – young singles craft a list of potential characters up to date during the fall months before finally choosing a winner … Read more

Granny apartments allowed to hit the tight rental market to help Queensland’s housing crisis

Queensland homeowners with large apartments will be allowed to rent out over the next three years under emergency planning changes designed to alleviate the state’s housing crisis. The move will allow secondary housing to be made available to people other than immediate family members and expand accommodation options for smaller families, such as students, singles, … Read more

A wild September 24 plot spread on TikTok

There’s another terrible conspiracy theory going around on TikTok – but there’s a simple answer to it. The online panic began when a video of Frederick Merz, a German politician, Posted on Twitter Saying, “Dear colleagues… on September 24, 2022, we will all remember it as the day we’ll say, ‘I remember exactly where I … Read more

Disney ‘shameful’ guests outrun high entrance fees by sneaking babies in prams

The “happiest place on earth” has become rather expensive – which has some parents getting creative about how to keep costs down. The TikTok of a woman who disguises an elementary school-aged child as an infant to avoid paying entry price at Disney World has sparked a debate over whether it was wrong or genius … Read more

Prince Andrew ‘pressure’ the Queen to prevent Charles from becoming king: book

Does the king live? A new book has revealed that Prince Andrew “pressured” Queen Elizabeth II to prevent Charles from becoming King of England. In the explosive biography Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Untouchable to Future Queen Consort, the writer alleges that Andrew conspired with Princess Diana and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson to prevent Charles’ … Read more