Granny apartments allowed to hit the tight rental market to help Queensland’s housing crisis

Queensland homeowners with large apartments will be allowed to rent out over the next three years under emergency planning changes designed to alleviate the state’s housing crisis. The move will allow secondary housing to be made available to people other than immediate family members and expand accommodation options for smaller families, such as students, singles, … Read more

Home prices near New York City and Chicago are most vulnerable to deflation

Areas around New York City and Chicago are among the areas most vulnerable to falling home prices during the current downturn in the US housing market, according to new research released Thursday. Of the 50 US counties most likely to see price drops, nine are either in or near New York City, according to real … Read more

Darwin’s rising real estate values ​​are attracting investors, putting pressure on Northern Territory tenants

When married couple Darwin Leslie and Sylvia Green began searching for an investment property to finally slim down, they didn’t expect to find it in just weeks. the main points: CoreLogic data showed that real estate prices rose in Darwin but fell in every other capital city in August Despite this, it is still the … Read more

Seeing Green: Home on Pebble Beach Golf Course Lists for $31 million

Be the first to know about the biggest and best luxury home sales and listings by subscribing to our email alert. A home on the popular Pebble Beach California golf course hits the market for $31 million. The nearly 2-acre property, known as Lucky Strike, has views of the ocean and the 11th and 12th … Read more

Greater Western Sydney has been ‘disproportionately’ affected by housing and rental pressures

Kate Scott had to downsize to two rooms after rents skyrocketed in the private rental market in western Sydney, leaving her just $89 every two weeks for other necessities. Scott, a disability support pension retiree, was paying $450 for a home in Carlingford in northwest Sydney, absorbing 91 percent of her pension. “I was really … Read more

Potential buyers were shocked by the issuance of cancellation notices from property developers, despite the change in ACT . law

Despite numerous complaints and a change of law to protect buyers nearly a year ago, Canberra investors still issue cancellation notices on off-plan property purchases. the main points: Elley Clayton bought an off-plan apartment from 3 Property Group but was told last month she had issued a notice of cancellation, prompting her to take legal … Read more

Develop Elliott Heads Farmland into a master planned community in South Beach

It’s one of the last remaining coastal Queensland suburbs where you can buy a beachfront plot of land for less than $300,000. Just a four-and-a-half hour drive north of Brisbane, Elliott Heads in the Bundaberg area is known for its white sandy beaches and perfect weather. But the coastal haven of 1,160 people is destined … Read more

Number of complaints about noisy neighbors rising, says Churchill’s home insurance

A new study reports that tolerance for noisy neighbors has fallen sharply across the country over the past two years. In the last financial year, nearly 450,000 noise complaints were lodged with councils across Britain, which equates to 1,229 complaints a day – or one every 70 seconds – according to Churchill Home Insurance. It’s … Read more

La Porte City golf course to close in September | News

La Porte City golf course to close in September | news | We understand that you are trying to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the European Union which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted at this time. For … Read more