Granny apartments allowed to hit the tight rental market to help Queensland’s housing crisis

Queensland homeowners with large apartments will be allowed to rent out over the next three years under emergency planning changes designed to alleviate the state’s housing crisis. The move will allow secondary housing to be made available to people other than immediate family members and expand accommodation options for smaller families, such as students, singles, … Read more

Homeless have been kicked out of a camp near San Jose airport and are facing a deadline to relocate

San Jose – After his expulsion Campground near Mineta San Jose International AirportHundreds of homeless people now live across the street in Columbus Park. But they may not be able to stay in their new location for long. “I used to be on the other side there, but they kicked us all out,” said George … Read more

Students and workers from France forced to return home due to lack of accommodation – The Irish Times

Clémentine Staub, a 24-year-old privacy specialist from Alsace in France, arrived in Dublin at the beginning of August and is still desperately looking for a place to stay. It is a common story among young French people coming to Ireland in search of work and study at university, prompting the French embassy to warn those … Read more

Income thresholds for social housing will rise in just five of 31 LGs next month – The Irish Times

The Department of Housing has confirmed that income limits for social housing will rise in only five local authority areas from next month, and not in all 31 areas as expected. The move to raise income thresholds for eligibility for social housing in the counties of Clare, Carlow, Lawau, Galway and Westmeath – and not … Read more

An additional €1.4 billion for social housing must be included in the 2023 budget, says Ireland’s Social Justice Organization – The Irish Times

Social Justice Ireland said the government should invest an additional 1.4 billion euros to deliver social housing in the 2023 budget. The organisation’s chief executive, Dr Shaun Healey, said infrastructure investment “must be a priority in the 2023 budget” and should “address Ireland’s poor performance in providing basic infrastructure”. “Long-term investment in basic or social … Read more

Local authorities urged to buy homes where tenants face eviction – The Irish Times

Housing Minister Daraj O’Brien has urged local authorities to buy homes where a tenant faces eviction. Speaking when launching a campaign to encourage tenants in the private rented sector to know and defend their rights, he said that local authorities should buy properties where the social tenant faces homelessness. His statements come amid contradictions between … Read more

Church in San Jose turns old monastery into affordable teachers residence

San Jose — The Archdiocese of San Jose is taking a small part in the area’s ongoing housing crisis, by converting its former convent into affordable housing for teachers. In the St. John Vianney Catholic Church in the city’s eastern hills, the convent was built in the 1950s to house the nuns who taught at … Read more