Banks will cut mortgage offers by £90,000 as interest rates rise

But long before rates actually reach that level, expectations of higher interest rates will reduce the amount of mortgages banks are willing to lend. Expecting the bank rate to rise to 6 per cent would cause the maximum multiplier income offered by banks to drop from 4.7 in August to 3.7 within months, Andrew Wishart … Read more

Wes Streeting says ‘the cavalry is coming’ while touting Labor as a government-in-waiting

WS Streeting, the shadow health secretary, has been given the crucial task of following up on Sir Keir Starmer’s grand address this afternoon. Mr Streeting is on the morning media tour for Labour and has been arguing that the party is ready to take power, claiming it will fix ‘collapsed’ Britain. Asked how Sir Keir … Read more

Banks guarantee low mortgage rates for nine months

Real estate experts believe the emergency rate hike is “almost guaranteed” after Chancellor Kwasi Quarting’s surprise tax cut sent the pound to record lows. Mark Diason of Edinburgh Mortgage Services, a broker, said: “By lowering the stamp duty, the chancellor has upset property markets so much that, for homeowners, the savings from the tax cuts … Read more

Christian doctor Richard Scott accused of praying with patients forced to attend ‘Borderline’ course

The doctor who offered to pray with his patients agreed to attend a course on ‘Borders’ after his case was settled with the NHS. Dr. Richard Scott, 62, a Christian GP at Bethesda Medical Center in Margate, Kent, has received a number of complaints over the past two decades regarding his offerings of spiritual care … Read more

Bank of England ‘will not hesitate’ to raise interest rates as pound falls

5 things to start your day 1) Markets doubt Bailey will be able to avoid an emergency rate hike after the pound’s decline The Governor of the Bank of England failed to convince traders to wait until November after the pound fell on Monday. 2) Mortgage payments would rise by about £10,000 a year if … Read more