Granny apartments allowed to hit the tight rental market to help Queensland’s housing crisis

Queensland homeowners with large apartments will be allowed to rent out over the next three years under emergency planning changes designed to alleviate the state’s housing crisis. The move will allow secondary housing to be made available to people other than immediate family members and expand accommodation options for smaller families, such as students, singles, … Read more

Prime Minister Anastasia Pallaschuk ‘shocked’ by interim results of investigation at Queensland’s state-run forensic testing laboratory

Queensland authorities are set to review every DNA sample linked to a major crime since early 2018 after a report found there was a potential for miscarriage of justice. Prime Minister Anastasia Pallaschuk announced an investigation to investigate operations at the Queensland Science and Forensic Services (QHFSS) laboratory in June, after Queensland Police said it … Read more

Queensland opposition calls on Labor to hand over CFMEU donations to anti-bullying charity after protesters enter government building

The Queensland premier has not ruled out making donations from a powerful union after hundreds of workers “stormed” a government office building in Brisbane. the main points: A spokesperson for Transportation and Main Roads said protesters brought down a security guard at Brisbane offices Queensland police said officers negotiated the group’s “peaceful departure” from the … Read more

Queensland Premier Anastasia Balachchuk said the latest wave of COVID in Queensland has passed

Queensland Premier Anastasia Balashczuk said Queensland has passed the peak of the third wave of coronavirus, and it is expected to end in the coming weeks. Ms Palaszczuk made the announcement in Ekka today as hospital numbers have been steadily declining since last month. “We peaked on July 25th…that’s excellent news,” she said. Chief Health … Read more