Sylvester Stallone Joins NFT Revolution With PlanetSLY

When Sylvester Stallone wanted to join the NFT market, he turned to someone who predicted the group’s rise ahead of many of his peers.

Joel Comm snatched the first NFT, or non-fungible token, in 2017, making him one of the first investors in digital holdings. His podcast “Bad Crypto” covered the topic while not many were even able to explain what “NFT” is. He has devised several delivery mechanisms and technologies to help NFTs spread widely.

Comm’s collaboration with the “Rocky” icon, along with Learning Annex founder Bill Zanker, resulted in the upcoming PlanetSLY (launch date TBD).

It’s a one-stop shop for actor fans to join Stallone’s foray into the digital market.

SLYGuys is a limited-edition series of 9997 NFTs that celebrates the star of “Rocky,” “Rambo,” “The Suicide Squad,” and many other films. Stallone, the group’s curator, helped create the respective NFTs along with artist Clark Mitchell (Marvel, “Star Wars” and Hasbro).

I met Kom Stallone at the actor’s home in Florida, a space decorated with art that the star himself created.

“He’s been painting his whole life… It’s a new side. [of Stallone] for people to discover. “It’s very expressive in color and fabric,” says Koum, adding that the star has appeared unfazed by his decades of fame.

“I got to know him. He’s a very nice, down to earth guy,” he says.

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PlanetSLY brings Stallone, 75, to cutting edge technology, but that’s not one of his primary interests.

“For him, it’s really important to connect with his fans… they love him,” says Comm, adding that it’s a deeper bond than the typical star/fan bond.

“It inspired a lot of people,” Comm says of Stallone, whose “Rocky” franchise has represented the American Dream for generations of fans.

Stallone’s NFTs, dubbed SLYguys, are not open to everyone. To be eligible for the invite-only pre-sale, one must share “SLYLove” – ​​post messages on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok to capture their link with the star.

Think of artwork, videos, Stallone’s collectibles, or even an honest message that shares how the actor’s work has affected their lives.

The previously booming NFT market has undergone a rough correction in recent weeks along with the cryptocurrency. Inflation and rising interest rates have hurt the market, while others are pointing out that NFTs are in a phase of fundamental maturity.

Comm knows that many will view a star’s entry into the NFT market with skepticism. We’ve already seen NFTs from popular characters as diverse as Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, and deadmau5.

Madonna’s leap into the NFT scene landed a heavy blow.

Koum notes that this suspicion can be justified.

“There are a lot of celebrities who do takeovers…people bring up NFTs because it’s the hot thing,” he says, adding that he worked with Stallone to avoid this predicament. “Not only [PlanetSLY] A collection that is visually worth collecting, and has real-world value attached to it…they get to have something more than just a piece of art.”

“The NFT audience is looking for the benefit now,” he adds. “Some buy just for art… Others want to open IRL [In Real Life] Experience.” This includes a key-like function for Planet Sly members, opening a chest that includes “everything the creator wants to put in it.”

“It’s the ultimate loyalty card,” says Koum. “We are just beginning to imagine the output that creators can deliver with NFTs.”

Comm’s list of digital accomplishments is large, from co-hosting one of the top cryptocurrency shows, “The Bad Crypto Podcast” since 2017 to launching one of the first shopping sites on the web, in 1999.

More importantly, it has more than one million NFTs of original intellectual property.

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Surprises await PlanetSLY collectors, and the more NFTs purchased, the higher the rewards. Some customers can participate in live movie shows with Stallone himself, and hear his comment in real time about the onscreen action.

Other perks for loyal and repeat customers include tickets to special Miami dinners hosted by Rocky Balboa.

Koum says Stallone’s work at NFT introduces another element of his entertainment career.

“Stalone won’t live forever,” says Koum. “What happens to the value of these once he is gone? It is a legacy he left behind, and it is part of his catalog of works.”

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