Superman and Louis: Explaining the Arrowverse Connection at the End – Interview

The end of the second season on Tuesday from Superman and Louis He finally gave viewers an answer they had been waiting for – even if it wasn’t the answer they were expecting.

We’re talking about exactly how this show relates to the larger Arrowverse, something that was taken up (albeit briefly) this week by General Lane. The final moderate spoilers ahead!

“I’ve been working for the Department of Defense for a long time,” Sam told his grandchildren. “I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe – glimpses of other worlds, their superhero leagues. And even though we only have your father on this planet, thank God for that, because he’s the best ever.”

Speaking to TVLine, show director Todd Helbing acknowledges, “Since day one, there have been questions about how we relate to the Arrowverse. If you go back to the first script that was sent to Warner Brothers and DC, it had a lot of references to other heroes like The Flash. There were moments when we were shooting, and I think I’ve said this before, but there was a picture of Cara on Lewis’ desk at daily planet. All of these things were slowly being pulled out, and the more we did that, it became like a pack of worms to even mention.”

Why didn’t we get this big speech sooner?

“I spoke with DC during the first season and the decision [to keep Superman & Lois separate] At the time, but I couldn’t post it until the end of the season,” Helbing explains. “So when I got all these questions [in previous interviews]I knew what we were doing, but I could never talk about it. I’m a little frustrated on my part, but I totally understand DC’s position. So this put that to rest. I’ve said from the start that we want to put our own stamp on Superman’s property. This wasn’t meant to take us out of the Arrowverse, but since a lot of other shows are unfortunately not on the air anymore, I felt it was the right thing to do.”

While Superman is aware of this multiverse, as defined in Episode 7 of Season 1, “we have to think of this as a separate Superman, akin to who was in the Arrowverse,” says Helbing. “I understand why everyone would want these references, but I could have felt wrong.”

(In other words, don’t hold your breath for any big crossovers in the near future. Or never.)

Superman and Louis DiggleAs for the John Diggle we saw at the end of Season 2, he’s also – you guessed it – not the same Diggle who spent eight seasons kicking Arrow.

“This is also a new Diggle,” Helbing confirms. “David Ramsey grew a beard and he grew his hair. He called me and said, ‘I’ve been growing my hair out, I look different. Do you want me to shave and cut my hair? So we don’t add more confusion to it, but he’s a different Diggle.'” (Click here for more information on the ending.)

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