Suffering from Glastonbury envy? Eight summer festivals to book now

One for plaid shirts and CAMRA subscribers…

If that sounds too much, the Cornbury Festival might be for you. Set among the elegant folds of the Oxfordshire countryside, Mumford & Sons: The Festival. Ditch the lumberjack and pull up your Trilby for a weekend of catchy music – Brian Adams, James Blunt and Jules Holland – and totally middle-class vibes. Busch loos promised, and there’s also a nanny service for the young children of Otto and Olivia. Bring your cockapo.

Cornberry Festival, July 8-10 (

One for bliss chases dyed with rabat…

You’d struggle to believe it now when it has the footprint of Bagram Air Force Base, but when it was founded in 1971, Glastonbury was just a thousand hippies in the field chasing peace, love and (chemically masked) the good times. Today, only the decorations of prayer flags and the stone circle remain from this era. But for some real flower power, head to Wommad in Wiltshire. In the festival’s 40th year, expect music with international flavors, dance, art – and first-class visuals.

WOMAD Festival, 28-31 July (

And one for the maniacs…

Does Glastonbury’s Shangri-La – the infamous all-night rave arena known as the “Naughty Corner” – look a little shoddy? Then Shambhala can be yours. Held in a secret location – it was revealed to ticket holders a few weeks before the festival – it promises 24-hour electronica, glow-in-the-dark juices of a nightly space shuttle landing and a ramshackle Mad Max-Meet-Fabric atmosphere.

Shambhala Festival, August 25-28 (

You have a good chin scratch

“Thinking festivals” — such as HowTheLightGetsIn and the Newbie Kite Festival — have flourished in recent years, led by the success of Hay, the grand widow of literary events. Most of them, though, ended up by the summer solstice, leaving the impolite act of singing and partying to the busy music festival schedule in July and August. The rare exception is the Wild Festival. Besides food and music, there is an impressive focus on heavyweight intellectual talent. Last year, for example, Philip Pullman took to the stage with John Lloyd, the television producer behind Not the Nine O’Clock News, Blackadder, and Spitting Image. You don’t get that in Shambhala.

Wild, 4-7 August (

And if you don’t fancy mixing with hoi-poi pollinator

There is a Freedom Music Festival. Described as a “red pill event” for those “not afraid to spread the truth”, it’s a good well Anti-vaccination Woodstock. Held over three days at the grounds of HOPE Sussex – a COVID insured learning center – attendees can educate themselves about COVID, vaccines, 5G and, of course, the “agenda” of globalization. Musically speaking, artists like “truther” DJ Danny Rambling will come in handy to spin decks and irresponsible misinformation. And all for just £99. compromise.

Freedom Music Festival, July 29-31 (

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