Steve Sarkissian went ‘all’ to bring Arch Manning to Texas

Steve Sarkissian went “with everything” to land Arch Manning.

That’s according to Nelson Stewart, Manning’s coach at Isidore Newman in New Orleans, where the quarterback is one of the rising seniors. Earlier this week, Manning announced that he would be moving his game to Texas.

“I think that’s where it belongs,” Stewart told the Austin Statesman.

Stewart credited Sarkissian, who became a coach in Texas in early 2021, for maintaining frequent contact over the past two years, and quarterback coach AJ Meloy for forming a strong relationship with the quarterback.

“Sure, his enlistment wasn’t like everyone else’s,” Stewart said. “For the past, it feels like seven years, that was a second job. But he’s a great guy who does things the right way, he’s an amazing fellow,” Stewart said. AJ was setting up the computer and it was like, “Hey, how are you guys doing?” There they are!

He continued, “Sark, he went in every sense of the word.” “And I know a lot of people said it was crazy, but I had a good feeling. I’ve spoken to AJ Milwee more than my wife has in the past two years.”

Quarter back ran Newman High School Arch Manning (16) to the field
Arch Manning committed to Texas after an unprecedented recruiting process.
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Arch Manning is the son of Cooper, nephew of Eli and Peyton and grandson of Archie. He has a strong and precise arm, as well as a trait that his famous uncles don’t have: the ability to move.

Every soccer coach in America would walk from where he lived to Café du Monde to land young Manning, but the Texans beat Alabama, Georgia, and a few other primary contenders in the end.

Texas and Oklahoma move from the Big 12 to the SEC in 2025, when Manning is young.

Steve Sarkissian went "all in" To recruit Arch Manning in Texas.
Steve Sarkissian went “full” to recruit Arch Manning to Texas.
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Manning has not spoken publicly about the rationale for his decision; His only communication on this matter was his announcement on social media. He joined Twitter in February, but Thursday’s post is the only tweet he’s ever sent.

It’s hard to believe that NIL’s rights were not a factor in the decision. The coaches aren’t supposed to directly coordinate endorsement money, but there’s a lot of richness in the Texas fan base among alumni and other backers.

The truth is, Manning could have made the mint wherever he went, but from the outside it appears Texas has the potential to produce the largest zero-deal trades in total.

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