South Africa calls Wales ‘desperate’ as Springboks coach reveals dinner conversation with Bivac

Springbok coach Jack Nyenber has claimed that “desperate” Wales will be dangerous this summer, adding that Wayne Bivack has already told him he’s coming to win the series.

Team Pivac arrived in Johannesburg on Friday morning ahead of their first Test in Pretoria next week, with little to offer Wales much hope after a dismal six Nations brought Italy one win and first defeat at home. However, Nynaber, who had described Wales as “desperate” earlier in the week, provided more context as to why he expects Wales to cause trouble for the world champions this summer.

Speaking at a press conference in Pretoria on Thursday, the Springbok boss compared Wales’ current predicament to where South Africa was a year after the 2019 World Cup. Despite winning the championship in Japan, the summer of 2018 saw the team lose to Wales in Washington – the match The first during the reign of Rasi Erasmus.

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“They come here with an experienced team, have been there before and have had a month to prepare. Their local teams have not reached the ATP knockout stages,” said Nynaber.

“We haven’t talked much about Wales as a Springbok team, but I think our biggest challenge will be finding solutions. Having spent a month preparing, I’m not sure if they (Wales) will restart the way they did the Six Nations.

“When we started in 2018, we were desperate and desperate doing desperate things. What we did was change the defense system and the way we kicked in a week.”

“I think they are desperate and desperate is always dangerous. We will prepare what we think will come our way but it could be very different.

“With the match going, 10 minutes later we would probably say they changed this or that, but we will have to be torn with solutions on the pitch to be able to adapt to the changes.

“That would be a great challenge for us, but they are experienced and have a team that can adapt, and it’s always a tough battle against them.”

The Springbok boss also revealed that he had dinner with Bivak recently, as Wales coach, team manager Martin Williams and conditioning coach Paul Stridjon traveled to South Africa to explore the training facilities. There, Nynaber reveals, Bivac made his plans for the summer tour.

He added: “When I had dinner with their coach Wayne Bivac in Cape Town, he didn’t utter his words. He said we’ve never won a series in South Africa and that’s our mission. I laughed about it, but I also realized he was honest about it so they’re going to focus on that series. .

“We were in the same position in 2018 to change the perception of this team. They will be desperate and not in a bad sense, but they will be focused because there has been a lot of negative publicity in the team.”

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