Sony’s Madame Web Movie is rumored to be a different from Spider-Man

Sony’s upcoming Marvel movie, Madame Web, starring Dakota Johnson, is said to cover an entirely different take on the Spider-Verse.

Sony may pull one of the toughest moves in cinema history into the future Madame Web Movie.

Entertainment reporter John Kambia posted on Twitter what could be massive news if it proves true. “For a few weeks, I’ve been whispering that the upcoming Madame Web project with Dakota Johnson isn’t actually a Madame Web project at all, but something else under the guise of Madame Web (even Deadline has hinted at it) but I haven’t found any evidence of that.”

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It’s worth noting that while details of the movie, including several casting updates, have been reported by the most trusted outlets and insiders, Sony has yet to officially announce it. Madame Web Movie. However, the company has created some barebones Madame Web Social media accounts. While this apparently confirms Madame Web Coming to theaters, there is still a great deal of mystery surrounding the whole thing.

Sony is slowly bringing more and more of their own Spider-Man characters to the big screen, with more on the way. But the rumors about a Madame Web The movie that started in 2019 was the weirdest ever, especially since main characters like Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen, and Miles Morales didn’t make their live-action debuts. But in February of this year, Dakota Johnson was reported to have pioneered Madame Web. The actor appears to confirm the news, as he posted a spider web emoji on social media after the story went viral.

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since then, tranceSydney Sweeney and american horror storyEmma Roberts has joined the cast in undisclosed roles. Given that Madame Web is usually a character in other people’s stories in the comics, the fact that so many big names and newcomers have joined the cast in mystery roles has been a topic of discussion among fans. but if Madame Web It’s just a cover for another movie, Sony might be surreptitiously trying to bring more Spider-People into its corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s also worth noting that the proposed movie doesn’t have a director attached, which means it could be a Spider-Man movie directed by Olivia Wilde that is said to focus on Jessica Drew/Spider Woman. No matter what Madame Web The film is finished, and the film is scheduled to hit theaters on July 7, 2023.

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