Six billionaires accused of turning Manchester United into a ‘cemetery’ Gary Neville

The time The Glazers spend at Manchester United remains a hot topic for fans, with Gary Neville once again criticizing the club’s controversial owners in recent days.

The American family faced widespread criticism and protests from its supporters since the moment they took control of the club. Their tenure has seen a steady decline at United over the years, although the family has continued to withdraw money from the club.

Although the Glazers are valued at about $3.1 billion, they have regularly taken large sums from the club, with their most recent package seeing them take £11m in profits on Friday. The latest payment comes at a particularly inopportune time for Manchester United, with the club not signing any new deals after the disastrous 2021/22 campaign, and with the new season now just over a month away.

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One of Glazer’s most vocal critics over the years has been former United captain Neville, and he has called on them to stop taking profits as the club continues to slide. Amid reports that transfer target Christian Eriksen is considering whether to stay with Brentford or complete a move to Old Trafford, Neville took the opportunity to take another blow to the club’s owners.

“That’s why dividends should be on hold for a while,” Neville wrote on Twitter. “Every penny should come back to the club to be attractive again.

“The club has become a graveyard for players. Culturally for the owners to take away [money] From a poorly performing job is frustrating! “

Neville’s comments will strike a chord with United supporters, who have regularly shown their disapproval of the Glazers’ ownership. But who exactly are the people Neville accuses of turning United into a “players’ graveyard”?

The club is owned by the six sons of the late Malcolm Glazer, who took ownership of United in 2005 after a £790m takeover through investment firm Red Football Ltd. They are Joel, Darcy, Kevin, Brian, Edward and Avram.

Joel and Avram are the two characters United fans will be familiar with. The duo have been responsible for the day-to-day running of the club since their father suffered a stroke in April 2006.

Ephrem and Joel Glazer.

After Malcom’s death in May 2014, the 90 percent controlling stake he owned was divided equally among his children. Joel and Avram were later named co-chairmen, with club non-executive directors Kevin, Brian, Darcy and Edward.

As of September 2021, Joel held the largest stake in the club with a 17.79 percent stake. Darcie has a 16.9 percent stake, while Kevin is not far behind with a 16.85 percent stake.

Brian owned 16.04 percent of the controlling stake, while Edward’s youngest sibling held 15.73 percent of the stake. Despite being co-chairman alongside Joel, Avram actually owned the smallest stake in the family with a 13.39 percent stake in the club.

Since then, the family has sold some of its shares, with its overall stake in United diminishing. Kevin and Edward have offloaded 5 million and 4.5 million of their shares respectively for a total of $161.3 million (about £117 million).

The Glazer family’s total ownership of the club is now 69 percent. They have stated though that they have no plans to sell their controlling stake.

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