She-Hulk Easter Eggs and References You Missed

Marvel Studios has put a lot of effort into getting their streaming series off the ground on Disney+. Fan reactions have been mixed on most series, but at least you have to admit they’ve given fans a wide variety in the types of stories we get. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is a government espionage story, Wanda vision is a magical take on the perfect family TV sitcom, and Loki ended up being a fun time traveling sci-fi story.

With She-Hulk: Lawyer, we are offered a legitimate comedy with much in common with such shows as Ally McBeal, but with a superhero twist. Throughout this show, we delve deeper into a side of the MCU that we haven’t seen before, and Marvel made sure to cram it full of references that many viewers might have missed. Let’s review some of them Easter eggs we found in She-Hulk: Lawyer.

WARNING!!!! There will be spoilers for the entire season of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law!!!!

She-Hulk Easter Egg


When Jen is assigned her first case at GLK&H, she finds out that she has to represent Emil Blonsky. Feeling this is a conflict of interest as Emil tried to kill his cousin Bruce again The Incredible Hulk, she is trying to get out of it. They won’t let her, so she calls Bruce to get his opinion. He tells her that he doesn’t mind and that he and Blonsky have changed since then. To emphasize his point, he says that he is literally a different person than he was then. Jen looks at the screen and laughs ‘Ha Ha’. This is a nod to the fact that Edward Norton played Bruce Banner in that film and was recast with Mark Ruffalo when it came time to compose The Avengers. This She-Hulk Easter eggs cover the entire MCU almost from the beginning.

She-Hulk Easter Egg

First Wolverine Reference

Fans are very excited about the announcement that Hugh Jackman is returning to play Logan again in Deadpool 3. They must have been working on that deal when they released this episode, as there is a Wolverine reference for eagle-eyed viewers. As Jen looks at her computer, we see a few news headlines on the website she’s visiting. One asks, “Why is there a giant statue of a man sticking out of the sea?” A question fans have wondered when it would be addressed in the MCU after The Eternals the left part of a celestial protrudes from the planet after being turned into marble.

The other notable headline reads: “Metal Claws Fight in Bar Fights.” This is an obvious reference to Wolverine and even goes back to his very first cinematic appearance in the first X but movie. He is seen fighting in illegal fighting matches in a bar. Things get out of hand, and he unleashes his claws on one opponent. He is set to make his official MCU debut in 2024.

She-Hulk Easter Egg

Ally McBeal

During the second episode of the show, Jen and her friend Nikki go to the bar Legal Ease. During their time there, we can see over the bar on the TV that they are playing an episode of Ally McBeal. This show takes a lot of inspiration from the 90s comedy. It followed a female lawyer trying to navigate the legal world while finding time to have a love life. Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr. even joined the series as a regular for a time. The show also had no problem breaking into wacky fantasy scenarios. The most famous one shows Ally dancing with a CGI baby as her biological clock begins to affect her. The dancing baby became a popular screensaver after this episode.

She-Hulk Easter Egg

Donny Blaze

Wong enlists Jen to help him stop a magician who escaped from his tutelage from using dangerous magic during his stage show. The guy goes by the name Donny Blaze. In the comics, the popular character Johnny Blaze is better known as the hell bike-riding Ghostrider. He has yet to be introduced in the MCU, but he could be known as a popular stuntman. Johnny used to perform stunts on his motorbike for the circus. Donny might be trying to ride Johnny’s coattails before he becomes the spirit of vengeance.

She-Hulk Easter Egg

Mob Hit

J​en is constantly confronted about how she got her Hulk powers. Once she is asked if it was from an attempt to get hit by a mob. Of course we know it was from some of Bruce’s blood accidentally entering her bloodstream. In the comics though, it was really from an attempted mob hit. She was attacked because of a case she was working on and was close to death. Bruce donated his blood for a transfusion, not knowing it would give Jen superpowers.

She-Hulk Easter Egg

trademark infringement

Titania sues She-Hulk after she is able to trademark her superhero name. While not quite the same, it could be a nod to Marvel’s real-life attempt to retain 70s producers. Incredible Hulk TV series from creating a female version of the hero. The show’s creators wanted to introduce a female version of the Hulk that they wanted to own for future use. Marvel quickly introduced the character of She-Hulk to prevent this from happening.

She-Hulk Easter Egg

Castle towing

When Jen’s car becomes undriveable at Blonsky’s retreat from some of his residents fighting on top of it, the tow truck that comes to tow it back to town is Slott’s Towing. Author Dan Slott wrote the iconic She-Hulk run from the early 2000s, on which this show is primarily based. He came up with the idea to show what superhero law is like in the Marvel universe. Before this, She-Hulk had mainly dealt with real-world litigation. He promoted her to the Superhero Law Division and explored what that meant for this world of superheroes.

She-Hulk Easter Egg

Failed Hyperdrive

Jen takes up the case of the new superhero Leapfrog. He is trying to stop a robbery at an electronics store when his jet boots catch fire and burn him. She can see that this guy is not worth the trouble, but his father is a high-profile client at the law firm, which means he is also a high-profile client. As we see his jet boots fail, we hear a very familiar sound. The sound effect is the same one used as the Millennium Falcon’s failing hyperdrive from The Empire strikes back. I guess Leapfrog can’t get Kessel to run at 12 parsecs. ONE She-Hulk Easter eggs covering two different fandoms. On a.

She-Hulk Easter Egg

To cool down

During the fourth wall break in episode 8, Jen wonders why the crowd hasn’t left yet. She predicts that a big reveal is coming as far as who has been after her. Then she wonders if she’s getting a cold. This has become a common phrase among comic book fans when it is noted that female characters are sometimes injured, de-powered, or outright murdered to advance the male hero’s story. The story that this phrase came from was back in 1994 in Green Lantern #54. The villain, Major Force, decides to kill Kyle Rayner’s girlfriend in that story. He wanted to stuff her in the fridge so he could find it later. Comic book writer Gail Simone noted that this trend in comics had happened more often. She coined the term ‘Women In Refrigerators’ when she discussed it and became known as ‘being refrigerated’.

She-Hulk Easter Egg

Savage She-Hulk 70s style

The opening to the season finale of She-Hulk is a great rendition of the intro to 70’s Incredible Hulk TV series. The team at Marvel Studios hit it out of the park on this one. In side-by-side comparisons, they matched the moments from the intro perfectly. And even made the decision not to do the She-Hulk part of it in CGI and instead have someone else play the character, like Lou Ferrigno playing the Hulk and Bill Bixby playing David ‘Bruce’ Banner. It’s a perfect parody of this show and works so well. Hats off. This is probably the best She-Hulk Easter eggs for the whole season.

She-Hulk Easter Egg

Jen’s inspiration

When we see Jen move back in with her parents, she moves back into her old bedroom. Her mom has moved some exercise equipment in there, but other than that, her room doesn’t seem to have been touched. On the walls we still see movie posters of what may have inspired her to become a lawyer. On the back of the door is a poster for Legally Blonde. Reese Witherspoon decides to follow her ex-boyfriend to law school to try to impress him. Turns out she’s actually a good lawyer.

Then, on her wall, we see one Erin Brockovich poster. The film is based on a real-life woman who helped shut down a power company that had contaminated the local water supply. No one takes her seriously based on how she dresses and acts, but in the end she is able to successfully prosecute them. Both seem to be major influences on her decision to become a lawyer.

what She-Hulk Easter eggs did you notice? Let us know in the comments below.

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