Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Mark Vesey discuss immigrant deaths in San Antonio, Roe v. Wade

North Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The The number of immigrants who died Having been abandoned in a tractor trailer it has now risen to 51.

San Antonio authorities say more than a dozen people are being treated for heat-related injuries at local hospitals.

US Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas, said in an interview with CBS 11 on Tuesday, “This is very predictable, because these drugs and human traffickers don’t care anything about the humanity of these immigrants. It’s a commodity, it’s a way to make a profit, unfortunately The results here came tragically.”

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US Representative Mark Vessey, D-Fort Worth, described the news, “Very sad. It shouldn’t be this way.. as long as this kind of instability, and the problems they have there with Narcos and drug trafficking, they will keep getting away.”

Rep. Veasey on immigration, F. Rue turned. valley


Federal statistics show that there was a record number of people who crossed the southern border last month: nearly 240,000.

Since the new federal fiscal year began on October 1, there have been more than 1.5 million people who have entered the United States illegally.

Congressman Vesey said he believes the American people should demand that both parties in the House and Senate work together to develop a comprehensive immigration bill.

Last year, Senator Cornyn said he introduced a bipartisan bill that would have created new processing centers in high-traffic Border Patrol sectors, give ICE and Border Patrol more resources, and deter illegal immigration.

We asked Veasey and Cornyn if there could be bipartisan legislation passed in Congress after this tragedy, just as the Senate and House of Representatives approved gun safety legislation after the fatal mass shooting in Ovaldi.

“We’ve tried before, and I’ll keep trying,” Senator Cornyn said. “Unfortunately, the Biden administration appears to be completely paralyzed by its base, which doesn’t believe in any kind of border controls, and that was probably so shocking to that conscience that it would actually push to take some action,” Senator Cornyn said. “.

Congressman Vesey said, “If the Republicans and Mitch McConnell cooperate with the Majority Leader, I guarantee you that we can get something for Biden’s office, and I guarantee that the American people will love this system much better than the people-smuggling system.”

Vesey blamed the Republican stalemate.

Republicans said President Biden did not go to the southern border to see the problem firsthand.

We spoke with Senator Cornyn just days after the passage of bipartisan gun safety legislation that was negotiated by both the Senate and the House of Representatives and signed by President Biden.

It includes money for mental health, school security, it also includes funding for states with or without red flag laws, and it boosts background checks for gun buyers under the age of 21.

measure passed A month after the killing of 19 students and their teachers at Robb Elementary School.

Cornyn said, “What sets this apart from a lot of what’s happening in Washington is that people really wanted to get an outcome. President Biden said do something. What we knew we had to do is something that’s really going to pass.”

While he and other Senate Republicans negotiated a bill with Senate Democrats, Cornyn went to Houston to speak at the Texas Republican Convention.

Several delegates booed him. “I thought it was important to attend. Unfortunately, there were some people who didn’t want to listen and wanted to shout yellow at my notes and make it impossible for others to hear. That’s a pity.”

We also asked Cornyn and Vessey about the Supreme Court Decision to dismiss Roe v. Wade.

Congresswoman Vesey said he wasn’t surprised but called it devastating to women.

Senator Cornyn agreed with the ruling and the court’s decision to return the case to the state legislatures to deal with. “In the end, the American people will have to make that decision, and the elected representatives of the people in the various states will make the decision. So, to me, this is a much better and more legitimate way of deciding this is a very controversial issue.”

Rep. Veasey said, “To say that it can be left up to the states is dangerous and frightening. Why shouldn’t women in Texas have the same rights as women in California? This makes absolutely no sense for something so special to people, something so personal to me.” for women “.

Last year, the Texas legislature approved a bill signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott in the event the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

Most abortions are prohibited by law except to save the mother’s life.

Doctors convicted of performing abortions could face life imprisonment and fines of at least $100,000.

On Tuesday, a state judge blocked the law and the ACLU reported that some clinics in Texas will perform abortions again before cardiac activity is detected, which can occur at about six weeks of pregnancy.

This is the provision of the current state law, the Texas Heartbeat Act, that is enforced by citizens filing civil lawsuits against doctors and others.

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