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Lily Mulla

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Nicholas Rips and his daughter, whateverThey are the first to perform during the June 28 episode of american talents. Nicholas is a magician and combines the digital and physical aspects of his actions. receive a warm welcome.

“I’ve never seen better magic before,” Howie Mandel Says. Simon Cowell He describes Nicola’s act as “unique” and admits he “has never seen anything like this before”.

Mr. Pants is an undeniable hit

Mr. Pants
Mr. Pants makes the judges laugh. (NBC)

Mr. Pants He takes the next stage wearing a full “trouser suit”. He brings laughter with his leg attached to his pants. He gets the loudest laughs from Howie. All the judges love Mr. Pants and want to see him in the next round.

Mia Morris Singer and multi-instrumentalist. Its performance is unique. Howie tells Mia he can watch her do this in Las Vegas. Heidi Klum It is all about “The One Woman Show” for Mia. Sofia Vergara Raves that Mia is “one of the coolest girls” that ever stood on AGT The theater. Simon admits Mia’s performance is “a bit messy” but thinks Mia is a “genius”.

Chico The judges are totally amazed by his death-defying act. He continues to climb higher and higher on stilts until he reaches the judges’ Xes at the top of the stage. Once, he blindfolded him. He threw one stilt and almost fell. He recovers and balances himself on his hands.

The unruly crowd goes for Chico. She tells Heidi Chico that the act made her want more. He’s definitely moving on to the next round.

Conor Johnson Ready to make the ladies melt. start singing Lewis Capaldi “Forever,” but Simon stopped him halfway. He asks Connor to sing another song. Connor quickly adapts and sings “Latch” by disclosure.

The crowd beats heels for this performance. “You have a beautiful voice,” Sophia exclaims. Heidi admits that Connor is “too easy on the eyes.” Simon told Connor he had a really good audition and wanted to see Connor get out of his comfort zone and move on.

Lili Miola gets the golden bell

Lily Mulla
Lily Miola receives the golden bell. (NBC)

Lily Mulla It hasn’t been easy for the past two years. Her mother sadly passed away in 2020 after a battle with cancer. She stunned the judges and audience with the performance of her original song “Daydream”. Howie says he “could feel the emotion” from Lily. Simon told Lilly there was “something special” about her.

Heidi cries and admits that she is almost speechless. She tells Lily that she immediately fell in love with her. Heidi decided to give Lily her golden vote, and send her straight to the finals.

Jordan Conley go out wearing disciples Sweatshirt and astonishes the judges with his preventative action. After Jordan is finished, Howie continues to say “Wow.” Sophia describes the show as “amazing”. Jordan was in tears of praise.

Jordan Conley
Comedian Jordan Conley stuns the judges. (NBC)

Merissa’s bed is a special place

Merissa Bedoz Opera singer and impressionist. She started singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by herself but switches to singing as Ariana GrandeAnd the Stevie NicksAnd the Celine Dionand more.

“You are original in the way you want to present your impressions,” Howe told Merissa. Sophia was amazed at how “Merissa let every sound go.” Needless to say, Merissa is moving forward.

The last chapter of the night is from Siegfried and Joy. These full-time magicians are causing a stir on stage, and everyone but Simon is enjoying it. There are highs and lows to this performance, but the duo saves it in the end. While Sophia calls the duo “creative,” Simon finds them annoying. Fortunately, the other three judges want to see more of Siegfried and Joy!

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