Sarah Ferguson gives updates on the corgis she inherited from the late Queen Elizabeth

The late Queen Elizabeth II was greeted by corgi enthusiasts in Edmonton, Canada in 2005. The Queen had 30 corgis throughout her long 70-year reign

The late Queen Elizabeth II was greeted by corgi enthusiasts in Edmonton, Canada in 2005. The Queen had 30 corgis throughout her long 70-year reign

Throughout a historic reign that spanned decades, a constant i The queen‘s life was her unwavering love for her corgis, so much so that the pets have become a symbol of British royalty around the world.

The Queen’s love of corgis stretches back to her childhood, when she father, King George VI, bought Princess Elizabeth and her younger sister Princess Margaret a Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi when she was seven.

King George brought one named Dookie home to her and Princess Margaret after they played and fell in love with Viscount Weymouth’s own corgi.

The King and Queen Mother tried to breed Dookie, and a few years later he had two puppies with another mate named Crackers and Carol.

Susan arrived in 1944 for the Queen’s 18th birthday and they quickly became inseparable.

The Queen loved Susan so much that she joined the monarch and Prince Philip on their honeymoon in 1947.

When the Queen gave birth to Prince Charles, the newspaper columns were full of advice on how to prevent Susan from becoming jealous of the infant prince.

Susan soon began her own corgi dynasty with Sugar who was Prince Charles and Honey who went to the Queen Mother.

The Queen’s the love of the breed quickly became one of the things she was most known for around the world.

Her Majesty owned more than 30 dogs over the years. Throughout her reign, she was photographed with the animals wherever she went.

The faithful pets would accompany her on her royal tours, with royal aides tending to their every need and carrying them in and out of airplanes.

Her love of corgis was so well known that the Royal Collection began selling corgi-shaped Christmas ornaments, acknowledging her love of the breed.

Queen Elizabeth II also owned several dorgies throughout her life, which are a cross between a dachshund and a corgi.

Her beloved pet Vulcan, who died in 2020, was a dorgi.

The monarch’s beloved corgi lived a life of luxury that few pets can pretend to know.

When at Buckingham Palace, the dogs slept in raised wicker baskets in a special trunk near the royal apartments, where they roam freely.

Royal biographer Brian Hoey claimed in 2013 that the dogs ate at 17 every day at Buckingham Palace in his book Pets by Royal Appointment.

It was reported that the cubs were fed a luxury diet of fillet steak and chicken breast prepared by a chef.

The carefully prepared meals were then delivered by a footman and covered with gravy, which was bestowed by the monarch himself.

The dogs never ate canned food and were even given homeopathic remedies when they were sick, Hoey said.

Sir. Hoey said the Queen took a very hands-on approach to all aspects of her dogs’ lives. As a child, she and Princess Margaret would hand-feed their pet Corgi from a bowl, he said.

She had also apparently joked that she gave them a hand when she bred the dogs with dachshunds by ‘putting them on a brick’ as they have shorter legs.

The royal family is well known for a penchant for dogs, but Mr Hoey claimed the Duke of Edinburgh ‘loathes’ corgis ‘because they yap too much’. He preferred Labradors.

In 2018, Richard Kay revealed that each of the Queen’s Corgis was buried on her royal estate.

The funeral itself was conducted by Her Majesty’s head gardener as she oversaw the sad moment.

Each of her beloved pups also received a headstone to commemorate their life as a loyal royal companion.

“Engraved on it are the dog’s dates of birth and death, along with the moving epitaph: ‘For almost 15 years the Queen’s faithful companion,'” Kay said.

He added that the cubs were all buried on the estate where they died and their final resting places were quiet places that were special to the Queen.

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