Riot police deployed as hundreds of protesters took to the Supreme Court

a A judge’s written opinion on the US Supreme Court’s decision to repeal abortion rights has raised concerns that it could undo other progressive gains, including same-sex marriage and contraception.

One of the court’s most conservative judges, Clarence Thomas, wrote that “in future cases” that also involve privacy “we must reconsider.”

Thomas cited the Griswold v Connecticut campaign, which enshrined the right to contraception in 1965; Lawrence v. Texas, which repealed laws penalizing same-sex relationships in 2003, and Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 ruling that protects marriage for all.

Same-sex marriage remains a highly prized goal for Republicans and the religious right in the United States.

Thomas argued that because decisions were based on the same Constitution provisions on privacy as abortion rights, the court had a “duty to ‘correct the error’ set forth in those precedents.”

In his address to the nation, US President Joe Biden said: “Judge Thomas has explicitly called for a reconsideration of the right to equality in marriage, the right of couples to make their own choices about contraception.

“This is an extreme and dangerous path the court has now taken.”

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