Ricky Gervais Responds to Suggestions He’ll Return to Host Golden Globes in 2023 – Deadline

Don’t expect to have Ricky Gervais back as host on Golden Globes. The office the creator has expressed his lack of interest in returning to attend the awards ceremony.

After a fan shared a video of Gervais hosting the 2020 Hollywood ceremony for the fifth time, the Twitter user asked to retweet the clip “if you want [Gervais] would host the Golden Globes again in 2023.”

“F*** it,” Gervais quote retweeted the post adding a laughing emoji afterwards.

His comment comes as the Hollywood Foreign Press returns to televise their 2023 event after the 2022 ceremony was reduced to a press release following backlash for their lack of diversity. As the group makes changes, they have recently signed a one-year deal with their long-term partners at NBC to send the award ceremony.

“We recognize the HFPA’s commitment to ongoing change and look forward to welcoming the Golden Globes back to NBC for its landmark 80th anniversary in January 2023,” said Frances Berwick, president of Entertainment Networks at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming.

Meanwhile, in a 2021 interview, Gervais talked about his approach to hosting these types of events and knowing who his audience is.

“Shall I address the 200 billionaires in the room or the 200 million people at home sitting in their [underwear] drinking beer that doesn’t win awards, who aren’t billionaires?” He told The Guardian. “It’s a no-brainer for a comedian. I’m a fool. I play for the other pawns in the mud. I didn’t go in terribly. Think of the things I could have said… Think of the terrible things I could have joked with. It’s off the charts – that’s it. Off. It. Charts – the horrible things I could say.”

Nominations for 2023 Golden Globes will be announced on 12 December and the award ceremony will take place on 10 January.

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