Rep. Sean Kasten wins the sixth Democratic primary, beating his incumbent colleague Mary Newman

Orland Park, Illinois (CBS) — US Representative Sean Kasten won the Democratic primary in the redrawn 6th congressional district Tuesday night.

Kasten fended off a challenge from Representative Mary Newman — now representing Illinois’ 3rd congressional district, but instead ran in the 6th district after the 3rd was redrawn.

Kasten received 63 percent of the vote against 33 percent for Newman, and 4 percent for third candidate Charles Hughes.

From the south, the redrawn area includes Orland Park, Seeb, and Oak Lawn, and extends as far west as parts of Wheaton as far as Lombard and Elmhurst. The area used to extend north into McHenry and West Lake counties.

Kasten basically stopped his campaign after the death of his 17-year-old daughter, Gwen, earlier this month. He did not have a victory party, but issued a statement that read in part:

“In conversations I’ve had with people across the region, I’ve found that we have a common set of values, and voters want someone in Congress who doesn’t just stand up and fight for those values, but who sticks to them. District Six is ​​full of people who trust science, believe in democracy, and know We are as good as the world we leave for our children.

“We turned District Six in 2018 because of the hard work of thousands of volunteers who knocked on doors and made phone calls and did everything they could to truly show the values ​​of District Six to the country. Then, in 2020, we rejected racism and bigotry and chose science, compassion, decency, acceptance and love.

“Tonight, the residents of District Six sent a resounding message. We have been given a mandate to continue our fight against the climate crisis, end gun violence, cut costs for families, and protect every woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.”

In a concession speech outside her campaign headquarters in the countryside, Neumann congratulated and endorsed Casten on Tuesday evening — before calling on supporters to drown their sorrows in a tent with plenty of beer.

“Although that’s not the outcome we wanted, now we have to come together — and I know that’s going to hurt a bit for some people, but I really want you to do it, because the Democratic Party needs you — and we all need to be together,” Newman said.

Kasten and Newman were allies for years as members of the Illinois Democratic Caucus.

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