Rail strike live – UK latest updates as Jubilee Line shuts down, passenger warning and travel chaos hit Heathrow Airport

Travelers slam ‘shameful’ taxi fares as demand rises amid rail strikes

Travelers have criticized the “shameful” increase in taxi fares as demand soared during nationwide rail strikes.

Millions of people suffer disruptions due to rail strikes with 80% of trains canceled and road congestion increasing.

London Underground workers also went on strike on Tuesday.

Those forced to travel are forced to contend with structured train schedules, increased road traffic and increased demand for alternative transportation.

Uber users in London are exposed to a huge price hike with a three-mile trip from Paddington to Kings Cross estimated to cost £19 just after midday – down from £27 at 8.45am.

Elsewhere in London, availability of Addison Lee taxis was limited on Tuesday morning, and travelers must pay an additional fee of £5 for all trips.

Zipcar taxis and black taxis also face higher demands but people will only have to pay the usual price for these services.

Bar manager MJ Shannon said she had to take a £30 Uber taxi, instead of the local train service, from Hill, Cheshire, where she was at a training event, to get to Manchester Piccadilly before the return train to Newcastle-upon-Tyne .

Ms Shannon said: “I am trying to get back to Newcastle. It’s not the worst inconvenience in the world, all the main lines are still running.”

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