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A parade of corgis dogs who was loved by Queen Elizabeth IItook place yesterday in a city in Germany, in honor of the late monarch. Around 40 adorable cubs were walked by their owners in the streets of Speyer in the southwestern part of the European country. Participants paid tribute to the Queen as they paraded through the city center waving Union Jack flags to the sound of bagpipe music.

The parade was organized on the initiative of Sabine Thomas, a corgi breeder from Speyer who herself has owned several corgis over many years, German media reported.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, prices for corgis have skyrocketed, according to pet platform Pets4Homes, with a report suggesting that the asking price for one of the tiny dogs has now reached more than £2,500.

But residents of Speyer are not the only ones in Germany who organized such a cute event to pay tribute to the British Queen, as a similar event starring the cute dogs took place in Eickenrode.

The town in Lower Saxony also saw owners and their dogs gather for a parade in an emotional final salute to the Queen.

Earlier, a dog expert had revealed that the Queen’s corgis will feel the loss of the monarch and may even show signs of depression after her death.

It was announced that the Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York will look after the Queen’s beloved corgis, Muick and Sandy, who even appeared in the Windsor Castle square during her funeral on Monday.

John Smith, dog expert and founder of pet personalization website Yappy, said that while dogs don’t understand the concept of death, they may feel that their owner is gone.

Smith said: “Dogs don’t quite understand the full extent of absence due to the death of their owner, so they don’t mourn the death in a way… Instead, they suffer a sense of loss and emotional despair, which left dogs would also feel.

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“These feelings can lend themselves to common and often devastating symptoms, such as whining, pacing, howling, loss of appetite, restlessness, disrupted sleep patterns, anxiety and lethargy.”

As a result of the Queen’s death, Muick and Sandy could show symptoms of anxiety and depression, according to the expert: “Corgis will not fully understand the extent of the Queen’s death, but they are very intuitive and will understand the feeling of missing someone who is no longer there, ” he explained.

“Just like people, some dogs can become depressed. Losing an owner can be a trigger for depression in dogs, and signs to look out for are usually loss of appetite, becoming less active and a change in sleep patterns.”

If these signs and symptoms of grief were to increase, extra support would be needed to help them settle into their new home with Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

Smith recommended implementing a routine similar to the one they were in with the Queen as it gives them a sense of familiarity “at a time when everything around them is uncertain” and to give them extra attention and distract them as much as possible with walks, games or hugs.

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In addition, good behavior such as not howling or barking should be reinforced as well as activities tailored to the corgi’s interests.

He added: “Due to their independent nature, it may take them some time to adjust to their new life with Prince Andrew. It will be a very unsettling time for the corgis and they may become anxious and find it difficult to trust them . around them. But even though they can be a bit territorial at home, they will eventually start to feel comfortable in their new surroundings.”

Although the expert said the corgis will not have understood that the Queen was lying in the coffin in front of them at the procession on Monday, they may be able to detect her scent and therefore sense her presence due to their extremely good sense of smell.

Additional reporting Monica Pallenberg

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