Protesters gather in St Pete after Roe capsizes in Wade – CBS Tampa

Street. PETERSBURG, Florida (CW44 News At 10) – After the Supreme Court overturned Roe in Wade on Friday, local groups responded.

“I’m honestly in shock…but in good shock,” said Scott Mahorin of Florida Preborn Rescue.

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I cried when I heard the decision this morning. “This is the first time that the United States Supreme Court has taken away a fundamental constitutional right,” said Stacey Crotto, a volunteer with the League of Women Voters.

Plenty of people around the Tampa Bay area are speaking out in public, and focusing on one thing right now: Roe’s coup in Wade.

“If this state doesn’t last a lifetime, what do we stand for? We don’t stand for anything,” said Colette Burgess of Foote Tampa Bay Catholics

“I don’t know how many rights they will take away from me before they are happy,” said Cheyenne Chile of the women’s advocacy group Pinellas.

On Friday, the Supreme Court made a decision to end 50 years of federal abortion rights, prompting protests from groups such as the Pinellas Women’s Defense Movement.

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“I am afraid that my physical independence has been taken away from me by a decision of a group of people who do not know me,” Chile said.

Other groups, such as Catholic Vote Tampa Bay, celebrated in North Straub Park on Friday.

“There could have been a scientist to cure Covid. Or a scientist to cure cancer… This is a great victory,” said Burgess.

Scott Mahoren says this is only the first step in his mission to end abortions.

“We then help them, we took care of girls and mothers… We had baby showers for the mothers who chose life, and we stayed with them and guided them through the process,” Mahorin said.

Cheyenne Chile says it encourages people to vote for abortion rights in political office, and educates people about other options for terminating pregnancy.

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“Expand knowledge of self-abortion and the safety behind it,” Chile said.

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