Pritzker vows to fight against ‘radical right wing’ as he kicks off general election campaign – NBC Chicago

With the Democratic nomination secured, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker targeted state Senator Darren Bailey and the Republican Party Tuesday night, criticizing what he called “alt-right” extremism as he began his general election campaign in earnest.

Pritzker, who will face Billy in the November election after defeating Beverly Miles in the Democratic primary, compared his outreach efforts with Republicans to Charlie Brown’s attempt to kick a soccer ball during a fiery speech, saying his administration would work to continue protecting everyone. Illinois residents.

“We Democrats play by the rules. We respect our democracy. We respect the results of our elections,” he said. “We want to believe that certainly the Republican Party can come together and agree on common sense things that make life easier and better for most Americans. But it seems like lately, every time we extend a hand to the other side, we’re faced with disdain, and it feels like Charlie Brown is looking back at Lucy holding a soccer ball.”

Pritzker also took time to criticize the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn a woman’s right to abortion, and emphasized his fight for abortion rights as part of his platform.

“In the face of what’s going on in this country today, in the face of what the Supreme Court and the far right wing are trying to do toward the basic rights of every American, we owe something to our children and grandchildren. We owe them a win,” he said.

The Pritzker campaign echoed those sentiments in the wake of his victory.

“Governor Pritzker and Lieutenant Governor Stratton are the only two candidates willing to respond to resistance to protect the rights of women, black and brown Americans, our LGBT+ neighbors, union workers, and every Illinois who desires to live a life of his own design,” the campaign said.

In his acceptance speech, Billy Pritzker took aim at many fronts, saying he did not understand the plight of ordinary Illinois and that the Republican campaign would focus on making life easier for the state’s residents.

“Illinois is in trouble. Decade after decade of mismanagement, successive billionaire governors who do not understand the struggle of workers.” “And where did that get us? People and businesses are leaving Illinois in droves, looking for work, affordable housing, lower taxes and better opportunities. They are leaving because Springfield and the political elites have let each one of us down.”

While Pritzker criticized Bailey for receiving the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, Bailey returned the favor and linked the governor to President Joe Biden and what he called the president’s “extreme national agenda.”

“He doesn’t understand how his ultra-nationalist agenda and Joe Biden are helping drive up inflation and increase household utility bills,” he said. “He doesn’t understand the damage his shutdowns have done to small businesses, schools, and the mental health of working families across this state.”

He will face Pritzker and Bailey in the general election on November 8.

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