Princess Charlotte’s new ‘nickname’ was revealed when Prince William became king

Princess Charlotte may officially be known as Princess Royal when William becomes king – a title traditionally given to the king’s eldest daughter and currently held by Princess Anne.

Princess Charlotte
Charlotte can be given a new title when her father becomes king

Princess Charlotte could get a new title when her father, Prince William, ascends to the throne.

The second child of

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

She is officially known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

But when Prince William becomes king, the little boy, seven years old, can be given the title of Princess Royal.

According to a post shared on the royal family’s social media accounts in August 2020 when celebrating Princess Anne’s birthday, the title follows some specific rules.

“Her Royal Highness Princess Anne was named Princess Royal, a title traditionally given to the eldest daughter of the royal family, in 1987,” the statement read.

The title of royal princess is traditionally given to the eldest daughter of a king


Her Royal Highness the Seventh Princess, after Princess Mary, the only daughter of King George V.

As a result, two people cannot use the Princess Royal title at the same time.

For example, while the Queen was the eldest daughter of King George VI before she became king, she was never known as the Princess Royal.

The reason for this is that her aunt Princess Mary bore the title, which made the Queen known as Princess Elizabeth.

Princess Anne currently holds the title Princess Royal


British Press via Getty Images)

This means that if Princess Anne is still using the title when Prince William becomes king, then Charlotte will not be able to use the title.

If the title is free, it will be up to William to choose whether or not to refer to his daughter as the Princess Royal.

But Princess Charlotte isn’t the only royal who can change the title.

Deceptive parents Kate Middleton and Prince William could also witness a jolt when Prince Charles ascended the throne.

While the couple have been known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge since their marriage in 2011, William was about to inherit the title of Prince of Wales Charles.

Meanwhile, the royal couple appeared to be in a merry mood on Thursday as they attended their first-ever county Cambridgeshire.

William could inherit his father’s title of Prince of Wales when Charles ascended the throne


Getty Images)

The day of festivities, which included races, parades and more than 100 booths, saw thousands of people raise money for charity, but Kate and Prince William stole the show.

Kate, who was dressed in a plaid dress and bare shoes, was seen enthusiastically kicking a soccer ball at a goal in front of an astonished crowd. Before trying it out, Kate told the crowd it was going to be tough because she “was wearing wedges.”

After the shooting, the Duchess shook the hand of a boy who was playing in front of her and said: “She did better than me.”

Not to be outdone by Prince William, he also bravely shot him, despite wearing a navy suit and suede shoes.

The couple was then seen sipping a cold beer to cool off while cheerfully chatting to several stall owners, as well as sampling chocolates.

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