Prince William raises controversy by “nailing his colors on the mast” says a royal expert | Royal | News

The Duke of Cambridge, who has recently turned 40, is increasingly feeling he can speak out about the issues he cares about but there are fears this may come at a price. Speaking to True Royalty TV Newsweek, royal correspondent Jack Royston warned that with the Duke’s latest speech on the Windrush scandal, he was effectively criticizing the policy of previous governments.

He said: We have seen [recently] his political side [Prince William]where he takes risks while nailing his colors to the mast in issues we did not expect.

His recent speech on the Windrush scandal is a classic example of this.

“He went out and said things I wasn’t expecting him to say and got into a much less safe area than he’s been working in lately…effectively, [he] He criticized the policy of the previous government.

“When you take a risk and be a little controversial, you get a bigger reward, and you go further.”

Majesty’s editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward also told the show that the Duke is talking more now because he knows it’s still likely to take some time to become king.

She said, “I think it is [Prince William] He found his voice, which was always there.

“I think he feels now that he’s 40 and he can speak out and he really wants to.

“I think he feels he can because he wasn’t a king yet, presumably it would take a long time to become, and the world could completely change again.

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“She is very smart and plants ideas in William and allows him to implement them in his own way.

“She doesn’t take credit which is really cool. Catherine was credited with a lot of things and encouraged and pushed him back off.”

Seward also added that she believes a move to Windsor would be a positive step for Cambridges.

She said, “I think what William and Catherine would have for their children was the freedom they didn’t have at Kensington Palace.

“I remember Harry telling a friend of mine that Catherine was almost a prisoner in Kensington Palace, and I think it’s not ridiculous, it’s the most wonderful place to live in London!

“Then I thought, in a way, they are prisoners, they have a nice house and a garden but behind that garden there are hundreds of people every day and they have tremendous security.

“Catherine can’t walk in the park like Diana used to, as times change.
“The only place you have to go is a field where helicopters land, so you are very imprisoned. Everyone knows what you are doing and where you are.”

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