“Pretends to be a nice guy, but he’s a **hole”

by Sam Falls: Canelo Alvarez told the media on Friday that Gennady Golovkin is a fake who plays a good man, but in reality he is a fake.“pit.

Golovkin’s personality is the reason Canelo says he hates him and wants to end his career on September 17th when they meet in a three-way match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Canelo’s (57-2-2, 39 KOs) dislike for Golovkin (42-1-1, 37 KOs) may have been the reason why he waited four years after his last fight in 2018 before finally giving him the triple bout he was boxing. Fans, DAZN has asked.

“He’s two different people. He pretends to be a nice guy, but he’s not. He’s a **hole, that’s what he is” he said. Canelo Alvarez About Golovkin being a chameleon.

“He’s pretending to be a nice guy. I’m looking for fans, I’m happy,” but elsewhere, He speaks a lot of s***. it is what it is. Be a man and say what you say,” Canelo said in his explanation that he views Golovkin as a two-faced and a fake, fake kind of person.

Well, if Kanilo defeats Golovkin on September 17th, you don’t have to worry about facing him again because there will be no way he can engage in a fourth showdown because he will be seen as evil for punishment, and he will. ignore him.

Whether Golovkin wins or loses a three-way match with Canelo, he needs to start fighting a high-quality opposition again because he’s been taking it easy, fighting fewer fighters since 2018.

GGG would likely have forced the three-way match a lot sooner if he had fought better fighters, but chose instead to avoid the risks.

Golovkin’s opposition since 2019:

  • Steve Rolls
  • Kamel Zermita
  • Ryota Murata
  • Sergey Derevianchenko

These are only four battles in the past four years for Golovkin, and the men he fought left much to be desired.

GGG was supposed to be fighting these guys since 2019

  • Demetrius Andrade
  • Jermal Charlotte
  • Your side is Alimkhanoli
  • Jaime Mongoya
  • Chris Eubank Jr
  • David Benavides
  • Jeremy Charlotte
  • Irish Lara
  • Sebastian Fundora

“I will definitely do that” Canelo said when asked if he wanted to “end the career” of Golovkin.

It is very likely that Canelo Golovkin will retire with a loss, but this will depend on his contract with DAZN. If Golovkin fights more fights over his contract with DAZN, he will continue his career, but it will be a race to the bottom.

It’s unlikely that anyone will face him well, and we’ll see a lot of the same kind of mismatch that we’ve seen from him and fighters like Germal Charlo.

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