Police say anti-conservative protester Steve Bray could stand trial for ‘Stop Brexit’ | politics news

Police said an anti-Brexit and anti-Conservative protester had his loudspeakers confiscated outside Parliament and could be prosecuted.

Steve Bray, known as “The Man Who Stopped Brexit”, was demonstrating in Westminster when police took the equipment in line with new laws that went into effect on Tuesday.

Under the Police Criminal Courts and Sentencing ActNoisy protests are forbidden in a designated area outside the Houses of Parliament.

Videos on social media showed Mr Bray struggling with shows and telling them to “get their hands off their hands” as they take his set, with one replying: “You’ve already been warned not to play it”.

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In another video posted to the protester’s Twitter account, a police officer can be heard telling Mr Bray that he will be called to court to retrieve his loudspeakers, while other officers can be heard warning him that he could be arrested if he continues to use the megaphones to play. Music.

The Metropolitan Police said Mr Bray, who has vowed to return with loudspeakers, has been reported on the crime – meaning he will be considered for trial.

Speaking after the incident, he said: “Under this new law, this fascist law has been passed through Parliament, withdrawing our rights to protest, and they want protesters to stand there with their hands folded.

“But protest is about sound and vision, without that you wouldn’t be protesting, but they don’t want opposition and they don’t like me.

“The police came, and they said if we keep going they will take them away, so I’m just carrying on with business as usual and they arrested me.

I tried to stop them and more and more police officers came and took loudspeakers.

“I have been told I have been called and will go to court and be held as evidence, I will elect trial by jury and hopefully 12 of the remaining.”

Former minister and Conservative MP Andrea Leadsom welcomed the police action, tweeting: “Steve Bray has spent six years shouting abuse through a megaphone at me and many others as they saw us for the ‘crime’ of trying to fulfill the UK’s democratic decision to leave the EU. European.

“This action by the police to stop his violent protest is most welcome.”

But Labor MP and former shadow attorney general Richard Burgon condemned the new law, adding: “For years, Steve Bray has protested outside my office building. It’s noisy, and at times, annoying — just as protests should be!”

“It is yet another sign of the creeping authoritarianism of this government that new anti-protest laws are being used to target such protests.”

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