“People want Tommy Cruise and little Kate Bush!”

Disney’s Lightyear failed to hit theaters after its release earlier this month

Comedian Jim Davidson appeared in Dan Wootton’s trailer for The Outsider, criticizing Disney chiefs for their failed new movie Lightyear.

Disney’s latest animated movie Lightyear flopped on its first weekend in theaters, after controversy erupted over the company’s decision to include a brief kiss between a gay couple in the film and to replace conservative star Tim Allen with Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear’s voice.

Discussing the apparent rise in sense of clarity from Disney, Mr. Davidson chanted, “Amazement of the world.”

Mr. Davidson highlighted the rocket success of the recent film Top Gun: Maverick, which refrained from aligning itself with rising wokness.

Comedian Jim Davidson slams Disney bosses in the wake of Lightyear's release

Comedian Jim Davidson slams Disney bosses in the wake of Lightyear’s release

Lightyear has been banned in 14 countries for a lesbian kiss scene

Lightyear has been banned in 14 countries for a lesbian kiss scene

“People want a little bit of Tommy Cruise and Kate Bush,” Davidson stressed, screaming how people “vote with their feet” while avoiding Disney movies, adding, “We want to see Brian Wilson in Glastonbury.”

Lightyear has opened in 4,255 locations domestically and in 43 markets overseas — but 14 Muslim-majority countries have banned the film from showing in their cinemas because Disney included a lesbian kiss.

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The Muslim-led United Arab Emirates, which criminalizes homosexuality, has become the first country to take the film out of cinemas in response to the lesbian kissing scene.

Disney cut the scene earlier this year, but reworked it in March after Pixar employees complained about censorship in an open letter obtained by Variety.

The letter criticized the company’s CEO, Bob Chuckle, for his handling of the case, accusing him of trying to censor “gay affection”.

Film producer Jalen Sussman said she had assumed the film would be banned in China as well, but Disney has yet to receive an official response from authorities there.

Ms Susman said in a statement: “We won’t cut anything, especially something as important as a loving and inspiring relationship that shows Buzz what he misses from the choices he’s making, so this one won’t be cut short.”

“It’s great to be a part of something that’s taking steps forward in the capacity for social inclusion, but it’s frustrating that there are still places that aren’t where they should be.”

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