Pat McAfee vs. Baron Corbin is probably looking for SummerSlam

Pat McAfee on the comments desk at Friday night smackdown For a while and pretty much throughout that tour, he’s been talking about Baron Corbin as much as his lips will allow. It turns out that’s a lot!

And as it turned out, Corbyn was listening.

It came to a head last week, when, after losing to Madcap Moss again, Corbin grabbed a mic and confronted McAfee for all the trash he’s talked about over the years. Not only did McAfee apologise, he led the hymn “Bum Donkey Corbin.” during Friday night smackdown This week, take it one step further:

Challenge McAfee to a match at SummerSlam, scheduled for Saturday, July 30, 2022, in Nashville, Tennessee. WWE has to fill a stadium for this show, so the big guns will come out, and you think McAfee is one of those big guns.

They wouldn’t go that far if he wasn’t in the plans, so while it’s not official as of this writing, you can expect that to be the case here soon.

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