opinion | Nobody is above the law, and that starts with Donald Trump

However, seeing the group as disruptive downplays the danger of what Mr. Trump and his allies have attempted and how dangerous it is: As Representative Adam Schiff, one of the panelists, noted, the country “barely” escaped Mr. Trump’s attempt to sabotage the election, which could have succeeded despite the legal and factual weakness of the allegations of fraud.

What if people less persistent than Mr. Powers and others surrendered? Take Brad Ravensberger, Georgia’s secretary of state, who also testified on Tuesday about lobbying by the Trump team. He described a direct phone call from a man who was then the incumbent president urging him to “find” 11,780 votes to turn Georgia from Biden to Trump. What if, instead of Mr. Trump’s refusal, Mr. Ravensberger declared that he felt there were enough questions about vote counts in Georgia’s Democratic districts to justify the legislature’s appointment of new electors, as Mr. Trump urged?

If even one of these officials had cooperated, the levees would have broken, and claims would have multiplied state after state.

There is no doubt that Mr. Trump tried to steal the election. Richard Donoghue, a senior Justice Department official who served during the post-election period, testified Thursday that he threw extensive evidence into every theory of electoral fraud that Mr. Trump and his allies have raised, to no avail. He testified that there had only been “single” cases of fraud, the same conclusion as former Attorney General Bill Barr.

Mr. Powers testified that when he requested evidence from Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Giuliani said he had theories, but no evidence. The president seems to know that, too. according to Mr. Donoghue’s handwritten notes Of his conversation with Mr. Trump, when faced with the lack of evidence of fraud, the former president said: “Just say the election was corrupt” and “leave the rest to me” and the Republican members of Congress. President I even talked about it The federal government’s seizure of voting machines, possibly in an effort to re-election.

The longer Mr. Garland waits to bring charges against Mr. Trump, the more difficult it will be, especially if Mr. Trump has already declared the office of president and can argue that the prosecution is politically motivated to help Democrats win in 2024. The fact that federal investigators conducted a search for evidence In Mr. Clark’s home, the department appears to be making its way more and more than the former president.

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