ON THIS DAY: Brilliant Roy Jones defeats the Devil by Vinnie Buzz

This is probably RJ at his best.

On June 24, 1995, Roy Jones Jr. retained his FIVB middleweight title by scoring a dominant goal in the sixth round stoppage over Vinny Pazenza at the Atlantic City Convention Center. The official time was 2:58.

Jones, who was making the second title defense he snatched from James Toney eight months ago, was in great shape all the time against the former world champion who gave his all in the defeat.

A left hook and a series of subsequent shots put Buzz in the first knockout in the sixth round. The challenger ran empty, pulled himself up but fell again through a solid right-hand lead stud. In truth, referee Tony Orlando should have called off the fight and saved Buzz from the inevitable.

Instead, Jones was shot in “The Basmanian Devil.” . . Well, several.

The hero walked briskly forward with his arms outstretched to the sides. “I am compelled to do this” was the message given to all present, but there would be no mercy from the Pensacola star. Jones positioned himself and jumped forward with a perfect left hook to the chin followed by a double left hook, right hook, right top hook, and left hook combination. This finishing sequence was amazing, almost like something out of a video game.

But this wasn’t a game – Roy Jones Jr. was on fire.


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