Norwich: Harry’s Soul Train leaves the Whalebone pub

17:47 16 October 2022

A popular street food vendor who has been standing outside an NR3 pub for the past two years has served his last burger on the premises.

Harry’s Soul Train said goodbye to its customers at the Whalebone pub in Magdalen Road on Saturday 15 October.

The decision has been made by owners Donna Newby and Marc Ward as they focus on their restaurant – Harry’s Soul Station – which opened in NR2’s Adelaide Street just five months ago.

But the pair said they wouldn’t be where they are now without the support of Stephen Fiske and Mike Lorenz at The Whalebone and their NR3 entourage.

Harry's Soul Station in Adelaide Street, Norwich.

Harry’s Soul Station in Adelaide Street, Norwich.
– Credit: Brittany Woodman/Archant

Ms Newby said: “Over the past two years we have met some wonderful people who served out of Whalebone Freehouse and made lots of long lasting friends.

“We started our train journey in June 2020, in full front of the pandemic, and came to the pub in September of the same year.

“We’ve had a great run, but now we’ve decided to leave this fantastic location to concentrate on new upcoming opportunities and to develop our restaurant Harry’s Soul Station.

“We are very grateful for our time at Whalebone. It has been a pleasure working with them.”

Harry's Soul Station opens in Norwich - pictured are Molly, Marc Ward, Donna Newby and Keira.

Harry’s Soul Station opens in Norwich – pictured are Molly, Marc Ward, Donna Newby and Keira.
– Credit: Brittany Woodman/Archant

It comes as business at Harry’s Soul Station – named after Mrs Newby and Mr Ward’s son and young chef Harry – has “really taken off”.

The restaurant’s wings Wednesdays have also been “going crazy”where tables are reserved far in advance.

Mrs Newby said: “Before Wednesday we served 1,740 wings in one night. It was crazy.

“Marc clearly has a talent for kicking out very tasty, good quality food.

“Harry also works full time at the restaurant now that he doesn’t want to be outside of Whalebone.”

Food from Harry's Soul Train.

Food from Harry’s Soul Train.
– Credit: Harry’s Soul Train

For those still wanting to get their hands on Harry’s ribs, burgers, tacos or wings, his Soul Station grub is available for pick-up or delivery from Norwich Urban Collective, in NR1, NR2 and NR3.

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