Norfolk: An abnormal load must be taken to Huffyton

6:21 AM June 28 2022

10:36 AM Jun 28 2022

Drivers have been warned that they may encounter travel delays as an abnormal load is escorted through the county.

A 44,000kg deck block measuring 4.95m wide, 23m long and 4.6m high will be transported on Norfolk Roads at approximately 9:30am on Wednesday, June 29.

Her journey through Norfolk coincides with the start of the Royal Norfolk Fair, which will likely bring thousands of visitors to the Norfolk Fairgrounds near Norwich.

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The big load travels from Poole in Dorset to its final destination at Hunstead Road, Huffyton in Norfolk Broads.

The route from the area will start at Birchanger Services on the M11 in Essex before later joining the A11 to continue on to Norfolk.

The full route is as follows: M11 (J8), A11, A14, A140, A47, A1064, B1152, A149, A1151, Hoveton, Horning Road West, Tunstead Road, local roads to the site.

Drivers can expect delays on these roads as the load goes through from 9:30 AM onwards.

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