No, Anne Hathaway did not resort to cannibalism in 2013

No, Anne Hathaway did not resort to cannibalism in 2013

Photo: Mireille Amvilac

Spending time online is a relentless exercise in separating fact from fiction. You casually search for news about Kanye West’s latest antics, and an article reports that the rapper scored 106 points against a wheelchair basketball team (he didn’t).

Twitter launched an equally popular to start the week. After someone shared an image of Anne Hathaway on the front cover of it’s Francethe chaotic quote tweet arrived.

“Every tweet about Anne Hathaway going viral like the police never found human remains and evidence of cannibalism in her Los Angeles home she sold in 2013,” he wrote incredibly.

Let’s save you the time of a google search: There is no mention online of the actress being a cannibal or having human remains on her property. The famous fact-checking site Snopes hasn’t even adapted its coverage.

The Twitter user responsible for the messy tweet, @hotpriestt, was quickly followed up comically saying, “Good evening, ‘Anne Hathaway’s Cannibal’ was a 24-hour social study on spreading misinformation online that was conducted by Harvard University. We are now completing our study. Thanks. for your time.”

With over 14,000 likes in a single day, there were a few gullible people to walk around. “Show the evidence,” someone asked, to whom @hotpriestt sent a poorly photoshopped image of Hathaway next to a country house.

If that’s true, she doesn’t look like she ate, wrote someone else, and thought a lot about the whole thing. ‘How do you mean to look when you eat people?’ Someone’s response was very fair.

Now that we’ve established that Anne Hathaway isn’t involved in heinous acts, the Academy Award winner shared another aspect of internet culture last week.

In an interview with an interview, Mindy Kaling asked, “Who in the culture now has a great BDE for you?” BDE, for those outside the loop, stands for “big penis energy.”

Hathaway’s picks? “Lizzo’s got it now,” she insisted. “Billie Eilish for sure. Obviously Harry Styles. Everything everywhere at once Superstar Michelle Yeoh also received a special shout out for having “big goddess energy.”

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